NATO attacks in Afghanistan kill 12 civilians -

NATO attacks in Afghanistan kill 12 civilians

Casualties could drive wedge between Western military forces and Afghan government


NATO rockets killed 12 civilians in Afghanistan on Sunday in the midst of what’s being described as one of the biggest anti-Taliban incursions since the start of the war. “We deeply regret this tragic loss of life,” General Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, said. “It’s regrettable that in the course of our joint efforts, innocent lives were lost.” Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who’s criticized NATO operations in the past after civilian deaths, has ordered an investigation into the deadly rocket attacks. About 15,000 mostly U.S. British and Afghan troops are involved in Operation Moshtarak (meaning “together”), which began in Marjah and Nad Ali before dawn on Saturday morning. The Taliban presence in the areas is estimated to number between 400 and 1,000. The operation’s American commander, Brigadier General Larry Nicholson, predicted it could take 30 days to clear out all militants and explosives.

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NATO attacks in Afghanistan kill 12 civilians

  1. The rockets were land-to-land systems operated by US ground forces. McChrystal has significantly curtailed air-to-ground operations in Afghanistan due to civilian casualties inflicted by the US Air Force. Since that curtailment, Afghan civilian casualties have been cut in half…and Nato casualties have doubled.

  2. Civilian casualties. Women and children shredded.
    This war is not fought in my name. I do not support this war, these soldiers, or this government. We are part of a foreign, occupying army in a country we have no business being in, supporting U.S. hegemony and the military industrial thugs that perpetrate it.

    Bill Desmond

  3. The US currently has about 70,000 US troops in Afghanistan. Supplementing those are about 50,000 troops from NATO countries, 75,000 contractors, and 100,000 Afghan troops.

    Thus, almost 300,000 troops are fighting against roughly 10,000 Taliban while hunting for a few Al Queda insurgents. Rumour has it Al Queda has been gone for some time.

    And they are kicking our butt. There is something despartely wrong here, like maybe we are not welcome.