NATO commander lauds Canada’s role in Afghanistan -

NATO commander lauds Canada’s role in Afghanistan

General says he wants Canadian military trainers in Kandahar


The ISAF mission in Afghanistan needs the likes of Canada’s military trainers in Kandahar if the Afghan National Security Force will ever be ready to protect the country, says a top NATO general. In a paper for the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, Lt.-Gen. William Caldwell lauded the efforts in training Afghanistan’s struggling army and police force. “Your forces are more broadly experienced than most other nations serving in the International Security Assistance Force,” wrote Caldwell, “and such mature soldiers, with multiple tours serving in Afghanistan, would be extremely effective.” He recommended that following the transition from a combat role to one of training Afghan security forces, Canadian military personnel are most needed in Kandahar, not in Kabul where the Harper government announced last November it would be keeping about 1,000 military personal for training purposes.

Ottawa Citizen

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NATO commander lauds Canada’s role in Afghanistan

  1. This is wrong – NATO trying to butter-up the CF so they stay in the high risk area. Can't find the link, but an article a week or so ago stated that all the safe locations have been grabbed by other NATO forces. This appears to confirm we may end up staying in Kandahar.

    The Dutch get to go to Kabul.

    Dutch government proposes new mission in Afghanistan to train police

  2. As we step back and Afgans take over more of a roll, I hope they get a sense of national pride needed to make the fight worth the while.

    • That is a very naive thing to hope. There is no national cohesion in afghanistan. There, religion is stronger than national pride and will win out in the end.

  3. What's the point of Western nations training the Afghani "army" and "police" to fight Radical Islamists, while letting these same Radical Islamists get stronger and stronger all the time in North America and Western Europe, through immigration? Why are we risking the lives or our young people over there while at the same time allowing our prosperous Western lands to be taken over by the Talibanic hordes? Why do we insist on destroying the future of our children and grandchildren by importing the problems of chronically disfunctional societies?

    • Don't ask me for the logic or rationality behind it, but i think it is called "political correctness."