NATO extends Libyan campaign -

NATO extends Libyan campaign

PM Harper to seek parliamentary approval for Canada’s extension


NATO’s 28 member-states, including Canada, have unanimously approved the extension of the Libyan mission for an additional 90 days, reports CTV News. The NATO-led campaign in Libya, originally initiated by UN Security Council resolution 1973 in an effort to protect civilians against Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s brutal crackdown of anti-government protests, was intended to end on June 27. “We are determined to continue our operation to protect the people of Libya,” said NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Prime Minister Stephen Harper indicated he would be seeking parliamentary approval to extend Canada’s role. NDP Defence critic Jack Harris says that the Official Opposition seeks Canada’s role to be limited to civilian protection, as per the UN mandate, rather than attempt regime change or Gadhafi’s ouster. “As far as we’re concerned, that’s not the mission,” said Harris on CTV’s Power Play. Canada has flown about 10 per cent of the NATO mission, and has dropped approximately 270 laser-guided ordinances over Libya since the NATO mission began.

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NATO extends Libyan campaign

  1. What, we haven’t done enough damage yet? Sure, bomb that country right back into the stone age. That’l learn ’em ’bout democracy.This is a fighter pilot’s dream. To roll in on a target that has no effective defence. Great fun. Yeeee hawwww!!!!Can someone explain how our continued bombing of Libya contributes to the sovereignty of Canada?

    • It says we have none. All we do in NATO is follow orders from the US, UK and France. That way no single country can be blamed for deaths and wars.

  2. No one Canadian should be concerned about the Libya bombing. As long as Canada itself is not bombed. 
    I just imagine… Kaboom! Mr. Harper house gone away! And his wife and children put into small pieces… Pretty nice idea, huh? 

  3. Establishing parliamentary approval is the right thing to do….something the Obozo administration should be doing with Congress.