NATO kills Karzai’s cousin: reports

Afghan president urges coalition to ‘stop these irresponsible night raids’


Afghan officials say Yaar Mohammad Khan, a cousin of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, was accidentally shot and killed during a NATO raid on Wednesday in Southern Afghanistan. “This was the result of an irresponsible and unnecessary night raid,” said Karzai’s spokesperson, adding the president’s “message is that they have to stop these irresponsible night raids that kill innocent Afghans.” While Karzai has been a vocal opponent of night raids, NATO says they are often successful—leading to the capture or death of Taliban leaders and keeping the terrorist group in check. But Khan’s death is especially sensitive. It comes on the heels of another NATO attack less than a week ago which accidentally killed nine boys collecting firewood. In response to Karzai’s unusually vocal criticism of NATO, Gen. David H. Petraeus, U.S. commander of U.S. and NATO troops issued an apology.

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NATO kills Karzai’s cousin: reports

  1. Who was Karzai's couzin hangin around with?

  2. Definitely it was a mistake. It was supposed to kill Karzai.

  3. Look the the cowboy trigger happy Americans have a simple philosophy, shoot and then ask questions later . For example A U.S. F-16 fighter dropped at least one laser-guided bomb on Canadian soldiers that were taking part in a live-fire training exercise near Kandahar, Afghanistan, overnight. Friendly fire or incompetence ?
    These so called mishaps will continue we leave Afghanistan.

  4. When will we learn that Karzai and his crooked family are not out concern and neither is the future of Afghanistan? What we have to do is secure our borders and stop the insane mass immigration before Canada becomes the next Afghanistan. Why are political leaders still supporting the idiotic concept of mass immigration? Addicted to bribe money from the Chinese gov't and Saudi front organizations are we?

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