Naughty Mounties -

Naughty Mounties

Internal probe reveals nature of bad behaviour


An internal report on the RCMP disciplinary process has revealed that there are naughty seeds within Canada’s national police force. The probe—the first of its kind for the Mounties—reveals that Mounties have been getting up to everything from masturbating in a cruiser to drunk driving and sexual assault. There were 56 cases of “formal” action taken to address violations of the Code of Conduct in the 2008-09 fiscal year, and another
231 cases where informal steps. Most sanctions were leveled against constables, but there were also some involving higher-ranking officers. The RCMP says that while only a fraction of officers committed these offences, all acts that potentially tarnish its reputation are taken seriously. Media relations officer Sgt. Pat Flood explained, “To be an effective police force, the RCMP must maintain the respect and trust of the public it serves. To do this, the conduct of its members must be beyond reproach.”


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Naughty Mounties

  1. – a corporal who lost a week's wages for driving while under the influence
    – a sergeant who forfeited eight days' pay for improper use of a government credit card
    – an inspector was reprimanded and gave up a week's pay for abusing his police-officer status

    I can only assume that these three examples have been (or are being) criminally prosecuted as all three are criminal in nature.

    Furthermore, these three examples should require automatic dismissal. They are clearly examples of persons unfit/ineligible for policing. Or, is the RCMP tolerate of criminals amongst their ranks?

  2. It's not a few "naughty seeds." It's a systemic and cultural problem.

    Since RCMP do not face meaningful consequences, even if they murder innocent civilians with tasers let alone commit credit card fraud or masturbate in their patrol car, they are correct to believe that they are truly above and beyond the reach of the law.

    When you see an RCMP headed your way, cast your eyes down and shuffle along. You do NOT want contact with any of these animals, as they have been corrupted by absolute power and have shown themselves to be capable of virtually any act against civilians.

  3. Ugh… it sounds like the movie Super Troopers. Funny as a movie, not so funny in real life.

    Masturbating in patrol cars is disgusting & illegal. Same as drunk driving & sexual assault.

    These officers should be reprimanded, removed from duty, and prosecuted.

  4. Peter,
    My Dad's been a Mountie for years. I've talked to officers, I've heard stories about people in the force, and I've sat up late at night wondering whether my dad was going to get his head blown off by somebody holding someone else hostage. My dad is not an animal, nor are the majority of the officers. Some may have been corrupted, but most still are keeping YOU safe from the criminal minded.

    • Bart, if your father is a mountie then you know first hand that there is truth in Peter's comments.

      I am 100% positive that there are many, many, many excellent men and women wearing the RCMP uniform and I am confident that they, along with the bad seeds are doing a great job protecting us from elements of society that we would rather not have to address personally.

      Then again, I am also positive that many, many, many RCMP officers are brutish thugs that consider themselves above the law, immune to prosecution and entitled to preferential treatment. In the community I am from, there have been stories for years of RCMP officers taking bribes, assaulting women, requiring 'protection' fees from businesses … I'm sure even these police have children who think their parents are doing good.

  5. The RCMP needs to get out of Provincial Policing and focus on Federal law enforcement. This might not solve all of the institutions problems but it would set a clearly focused direction for them to follow. It would certainly allow them to cut their numbers in favour of a more dedicated force with stricter protocols.

  6. M_A_D_world
    I don't think your proposal would be the solution. Do you recall the goings on at the Saskatoon Police Service last year. For that matter do you recall ever hearing any details, we are left to speculate but I think it was worse than what has been described here.