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Naughty or Nice?


What did everyone get for Christmas?

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Naughty or Nice?

  1. I got a copy of “Slap Shot 3” and a $100 gift card to my company’s largest competitor. So I’m going with “naughty”.

    • Ha! One of the actors in Slap Shot 3, Ryan McDonell, is a buddy of mine from high school. I haven’t checked it out yet, but hopefully you enjoy it!

      • I have to admit, Alex, your buddy from high school is one of the only parts of that movie I thought was any good. :P

        • I can’t say I’m completely surprised that the movie didn’t dazzle, but at least Ryan did a good job… unless you’re just being nice in order to make up for being naughty. :-) I guess I’ll have to rent it sometime and check it out. Unless you feel like re-gifting yours. :P

  2. How did I miss “Slap Shot 2”?

    • Impeccable taste.

      • Do I need to have seen Slap Shot 2 before I watch Slap Shot 3? I don’t want to get lost.

  3. I got a tray with elephants on it from IKEA, very India inspired. And a facial, the spa kind. skincare spa that is.

  4. Peace in the Middle East.

    Wait. That fat old man lied to me!

    • I thought he died?

      • No, he was appointed to the Senate.

  5. Andrew

    My gift was a peaceful fun time with family! A roof on my head and probably more than I need to eat. I would say thats pretty good consider all the junk that is happening in the world!