Navy being put out to sea -

Navy being put out to sea

Endures massive cuts while celebrating its centennial


A massive budget shortfall brought on by the war in Afghanistan and changing military priorities is causing a huge reduction in the size of the navy. The number of Kingston-class maritime coastal defence vessels will shrink from 12 ships down to six, and a further three frigates will be put on limited duties. The HMCS Toronto and Ottawa and destroyer HMCS Athabaskan will have their combat systems cut back to sensors and communications only, while Protector-class supply ships will no longer be able to use a key weapon meant to destroy incoming missiles. “I have had to make difficult choices that will directly impact fleet capability and availability this year and possibly for the medium term,” wrote Vice Admiral Dean McFadden in a letter sent out to naval formations. “I fully recognize the challenge that these capability reductions will cause.” The cuts come as the navy launches an expensive program to modernize its Halifax-class frigates and begins to concentrate more on maintaining its submarines. “This is some happy 100th birthday isn’t it?” said Liberal senator Colin Kenny, former chairmen of the senate defence committee. “It means for the next few years there won’t be much of a navy.” However, Kenny said McFadden has made the right choices with the cards he’s been dealt. “If the Harper government is screwing him this badly I think he is making the right decision to protect the core of the navy.”

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Navy being put out to sea

  1. How hilarious is that, A Liberal Senator lamenting the demise of the Navy. There seems to be no end to Liberal irony. This is definitely a poor time to reduce an already too small Navy as we try to exert our control over the North. What a sad fate for what was once the fourth largest navy in the world with such a proud history.

    • I don't recall the navy being required to scale back so drastically under Liberal governments. At some point you cannot blame the Liberals for everything the current government is doing without looking foolish.

      Either hold the people currently in charge to account or don't. Blaming previous governments does absolutely nothing to address this situation.

      • "I don't recall the navy being required to scale back so drastically under Liberal governments."

        Get informed then. Try this for starters.

        One can agree or disagree with drastic cuts in military spending, but one can't disagree that the Chretien Liberals did it in spades without exposing one's ignorance.

        • Considering these drastic cuts currently being conducted are under a government that has run multiple election platforms on creating a more robust and better funded armed forces, passing the blame to previous Liberal governments is rather inappropriate.

          Perhaps if the Conservatives funded the Forces better it would help prevent such cut backs. The 2006 and previous Liberal governments do not control the budgets of the current government of Canada.

          I blame the party that has been in charge the last four years for these cuts and you blame the party that has been out of power for four years for these cuts… which means the navy is still going to make drastic cutbacks which put large operational limitations on the navy and in turn the rest of the armed forces.

          Blaming the Liberals isn't going to fix this. Holding the Conservatives accountable will.

          • I didn't say I blame the Liberals for this year's cuts. Nor did I say whether I agree or disagree with the cuts, this year or in the 90's. What I said is that you're dead wrong about the Liberals not having made drastic cuts during their tenure. You can blame whomever you want, but don't try to revise history.

          • I was speaking to the size of the scale back required, not against the Liberals making drastic cuts (which they did). I was also speaking against blaming the Liberals for budgetary shortfalls in 2010.

            No revisions going on.

  2. One of the federal parties should make increased funding for the Canadian Armed Forces an election promise.


    • Isn't that Harper's schtick?

  3. I actually laughed at that.