NDP and Conservatives neck and neck in new national poll


The Globe and Mail reports today that support for the federal Conservatives has slipped by as much as 10 percentage points since Election Day, placing the governing party in a tie with the opposition NDP. The Environics poll, conducted earlier this month, shows that, while 30 per cent of Canadians would vote for the Tories in the next federal election, an equally large share would support the NDP. The polling firm said the NDP has not come out on top in a survey of federal voting intentions since the 1980s.

The poll is sure to be mentioned this weekend during the NDP’s national convention in Toronto, where the party is set to elect a new leader. The numbers may also help cement the victory of Thomas Mulcair, currently the frontrunner. Mulcair is seen as the best candidate to maintain popular support in Quebec, where the party scored an unprecedented victory last May. The Environics poll, in fact, shows the Bloc Quebecois re-gaining strength in the province, trailing the NDP by just four points—something that might strengthen the case for a Mulcair leadership.




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NDP and Conservatives neck and neck in new national poll

    • The
      reason the conservative numbers are falling is that Canadians are starting to
      figure out that harper has perverted the once proud Progressive Conservative
      Party of Canada with the likes of ….. del Maestro, Bev Oda, Tony Clements,
      Vic Toews…. and just when you think that the scandals can’t get any worse,
      they do!!! The PC’s were once a proud political party of Canada, a party with
      conscience, integrity, and principles. What has happened??Why did we let these
      gangsters take over?  A better question
      for the rest of us would be how/why did we let this happen?? We deserve better
      than this!! What has happened Canada??

      • All good questions. I’ve been asking the same since Harper became leader of the CPC but I haven’t been able to come up with any answers.

      • Please, they are no worse than the liberals. They make stupid mistakes, but overall they are doing a decent job. Imagine what the other side has waiting to take over and then consider your choices….Libbie Davies as defence minister? Pat Martin as foreign minister? Hedy Fry as health minister? Come on….

        • mistakes???………right now I would rather have Rae…….seriously

        • I don’t think the CPC has made mistakes.  Everything they have done and proposed to do is on their agenda.

  1. Is it possible the resurgence of the Bloc in Quebec has to do with that their values are so opposed to Harper’s politics that we could see another separatist movement? 

    • Quite possible. For the sake of the country and our collective national identity, the neo-cons need to go. Disappointing that doesn’t really represent the Canadian right-wing, just the Alberta one, they have done a good job fooling people though.

  2. This poll means nothing. Of course the Cons. are down, they are making tough choices that right now are being set upon by the opposition and the MSM and the taxpayer has not had the chance to realize the impact fairly. Wait till the election is near, and the taxpayer sees the options…Pat Martin as foreign minister, Libbie Davies for defence? Please…

    • Martin would be a much better representative for Canada than Harpers pitbull.

  3. “The Globe and Mail reports …”

    ….’nuff said, end of credibility. Thanks for coming out, and you WILL have your asses handed to you in one more federal election, and the NDP loses at least half its holdings in Quebec, and about 10% – 15% outside Quebec.

  4. This NDP group of tin foil hat nutters is NOT ready to govern, they will destroy the economy if they ever get a chance. Mulcair is too much of a hot-head anyway.

  5. In the first place, be very suspect of a poll by the MSM. Also you are very fortunate to have as much time as you do before the next federal election so you can properly assess the NDP and their new leader. The Left will typically campaign to the center only to return to their socialistic roots once they assume power.
    All you have to do is look south of the border to see how much damage a socialist leader can do in an extremely short amount of time.

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