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NDP announces measures aimed at seniors

$537-million package focused on home- and long-term care


A healthcare plan for seniors was the focus of NDP Leader Jack Layton’s visit to the B.C. Interior on Wednesday. “Seniors are the fastest-growing age group in this country,” Layton said. “And they are looking to be assured that quality and accessible health care will be available when they need it.” As PM, Layton said he would get sick seniors out of hospital beds and into more appropriate care at home or facilities that specialize in long-term treatment. He also said the NDP would bring the provinces and territories to negotiate the next phase of the federal transfer agreement which must address home care and long term care. Additionally, the NDP would provide access to home care for an additional 100,000 families a year, and make home care and long-term care insured services under the Canada Health Act. The whole package of measures would cost taxpayers $537 million according to NDP estimates.

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NDP announces measures aimed at seniors

  1. I sincerely hope and pray that Mr. Layton remains alive and healthy long enough to implement the health care plan for seniors which he outlined today. As a senior myself, I don't worry about dying; I worry about being incapacitated by some chronic illness and becoming a long-term financial and personal burden on my children.
    The $537 million cost estimate, however, appears extremely modest to me. If the cost of this health plan for seniors eventually proves too expensive, perhaps Prime Minister Layton will pass legislation making euthanasia legal in Canada.

  2. More pie in the sky from the socialist left. Who is going to pay? There is already Long-Term Care Programs in some provinces. It is a provincial issue, not a national one. (BC for one, Manitoba used to have one.

  3. Looking at all these promises made by politicians, makes my teeth grind. Do they really think we are idiots enough to pay for those promises they made? Mr. Layton should read the Health contract between Federal and Provinces so he would be knowledgeable enough not to step on Provincial jurisdiction. How can a standing MP not know this is beyond comprehension, and he wish to run for the PM's seat?