NDP asks Elections Canada to look at alleged donor fraud involving Tories


OTTAWA – The NDP is asking Elections Canada to investigate alleged fraud involving donations to the Conservatives in Montreal.

The allegations relate to a report by Postmedia News citing several Montrealers who say they did not donate to the Conservatives even though party financial filings say they did.

Despite not having a hope of winning the riding, the Tories collected $288,823 in donations in Laurier Ste-Marie in 2009.

The Conservatives shrug off questions about the alleged phoney donors, saying Elections Canada reviews all their paperwork.

It is illegal to make a political donation on behalf of someone else and circumvent the contribution limits under the Elections Act.

Neither Elections Canada nor the RCMP would confirm or deny they are investigating.

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NDP asks Elections Canada to look at alleged donor fraud involving Tories

  1. A waste of time. Everyone who is paying attention knows that the Conservatives cheat, lie and steal like Liberals in a hurry. The courts won’t stop it, the RCMP won’t stop it and Elections Canada sure as hell couldn’t stop it even if they wanted to. The only people who can stop it are the voters of Canada. Sadly, Conservative partisans don’t care about honesty and the rest of us have very little faith that any of the other parties would do any better.

  2. Funneling backdoor money into a Canadian Election, come-on if this is for real if it is Harper must step down.

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