NDP attack ads imitate, but don’t flatter


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the Conservative Party of Canada should be positively pink-cheeked after viewing a new NDP ad attacking Stephen Harper’s fiscal record.

The ad, which features the familiar pairing of unflattering photos and ominous narration, accuses Harper of “creating the worst deficit in Canadian history” and “attacking the most vulnerable Canadians when they are most in need”. 

The video comes in the wake of a collection of Conservative ads that labelledd NDP environment policies “dangerous”. The Conservative Party of Canada have had great success with attack ads in the past, and as noted by ipolitics.ca,  successfully damaged the reputations of two previous opposition leaders by declaring that Stéphane Dion was  “not a leader” and Michael Ignatieff was “just visiting.”  

According to the Globe and Mail, after the NDP supplanted the Liberals as the official opposition in 2011, they promised that any attack ads leveled against the party would be returned in kind. 

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NDP attack ads imitate, but don’t flatter

  1. Harper and his Cons have done worse and will continue to do worse, until they’re stopped.

    • if you utopian socialists ever get power we will be headed down the same road as the pigs in the eu.

      • And if Justin is a Liberal?

        (Before you answer, bear in mind the fiscal record of the Libs under Chretien / Martin vs. the current clowns)

  2. It’s sad that the other parties have had to stoop to the American political approach employed by the extremist government we’re stuck with. But unfortunately, standing by refusing to react while a foul mouthed bully freely covers you in mud didn’t save the Liberals, did it?

    • and you and your ilk never disparage anyone. if you can’t stand the heat…

    • It’s amusing when people try to compare the Conservative Party to US politics. Harper, while on the conservative in Canada, would be considered too left wing for even the Democrat party in the US

  3. Canada is ranked in the top economies on the Planet.
    What planet do the QNDP live on?

  4. NDP has such an illogical view the way the world works. Harper has kept our economy not only afloat but even marginally expanding at a time when many world economies are literally collapsing. We have one of the most stable economies in the world at the moment and to say otherwise is pure liberal nonsense. NDP should pass a basic economics class before they’re allowed to open their mouths again.

  5. The voice in the Attack Ad sounds familar.
    Megan Leslie?

  6. Canada is not the strongest economy in the world. And no, the world is not falling apart. So far only one small country, Greece, is in serious trouble. And let’s not forget that non of the European challenges is home-made, it’s all part of the fall-out from the financial crisis in the US.

    As far as fiscal policy is concerned, the unemployment rate is abut the same it was when the Harper government won a majority. If parties are to be judged by what they do, then the conservatives haven’t done anything of substance so far. Instead of focusing on the economy, they keep padding themselves on the back for Canada’s economic reputation from the past and waste their time and our tax money with peripheral and ideology driven social policies. And if you are convinced Canada is doing great, just ask a few unemployed Canadians how they feel about the economy, or a few pensioners how they feel about their standard of living in this country. Or ask a few Canadians how they feel about the fact that they don’t have coverage for a lot of medical services, or how they feel about having to pay lots of money for their medication, or how they feel about hiking tuition fees. I could go on.

    • What about Spain and Italy? Do unemployment rates of 24 percent and requiring bank bailouts by the EU not mean they are falling apart? You want to ask out of work Canadians about how they are doing but you want to ignore the countries in Europe that are doing much worse.

      • Yes, there are countries that are doing less well than Canada. But that does not mean Canada is doing great. My point is that a lot of Canadians make themselves feel better by making other countries seem much worse than they actually are. The European system is working just fine. The current turmoil is just temporary and very limited in scope. Norway is about to eliminate all of its government debt, the Germans never really had a crisis and all other major countries have pretty much recovered. Spain is affected only because of it’s private banks invested in US financial products. The only larger economy on the watch list in the EU is Italy. They have had a decade of far right government like the one we have in Canada, which ruined the country. Greece has always been a very weak member of the EU and there has been a lot of corruption. This has nothing to do with the European model. Let’s not forget that the only system that has failed is that of the US, where the crisis began. To make matters worse, the conservatives are looking at all of this and somehow conclude that what we must do is to urgently adopt the US model. This I just don’t get.

  7. I guess the Germans live in a socialist nightmare, or the Scandinavian countries, or all western Europeans Countries. Yes, they are all socialist countries, and they are doing better than Canada, health care is provided free of cost by the government (including dental and eye coverage), university education is free or almost free, the government does not charge you several thousand dollars to get you out of a war zone, and so on… And the tax rates are only slightly higher than in Canada. And the last time I checked, German companies were doing just fine. How do I know all of this? I lived there.

    It’s always easier to turn a blind eye on facts than to re-evaluate one’s ideology, at least for hard-core conservatives supporting the Harper government.

    Time to get out of you bubble.

    • Funny….I work with a German physician. He doesn’t paint the same picture of the German healthcare system that you do. He says it is a tiered healthcare system with a private and public components. According to him, people who are wealthy can buy public insurance and get better care than those who are poor. Doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of system we would want to emulate here in Canada. Further, his children attend university in Germany and although it is almost free, there are defintely entrance requirements imposed. No one gets in unless they pass rigorous entrance examinations so it isn’t exactly available to all. German companies to tend to do well but mostly because they produce exceptional products such as BMW. People are willing to pay for quality. If you have a substandard product, you cannot demand top prices.
      The last thing I would say about Germany is that they are a big exporter of brown coal, one of the most environmentally polutive produts in the world. Maybe you are familiar with a recent study done in BC where a professor found that if we burned all the oil in the world, the earth’s temperature would rise by 1 degree celcius. Alternatively, if we burned all the coal in the world, the earth’s temperature would rise 15 degrees celcius. It is very disengenious that European countries like Germany are so critical of oilsands oil when their own coal mining is so destructive.

  8. I never said Germany is a perfect place. The difference between western European countries and Canada is that the former are aiming at an ideal, call it Utopia or however you like. That’s why they are far ahead of Canada in many regards. I’m sure Canadians would be happy to have a public option that covers all basic medical needs and allows for private supplementary insurance. As far as admission to university is concerned, the German system gives students two options. They can either enter directly if their GPA is above the threshold for a particular subject or they can wait a specified number of semesters based on their grades. That way someone whose grades are not quite good enough but really wants to study a particular subject can wait for a year or two and then enter university. And those who which to learn a trade can easily find an apprentice position because most German companies are committed to helping the next generation get started in life. They have a sense of social responsibility, something unheard of in Canada. That’s the difference between socialism and liberal capitalism. And Germany’s strong economy and low debt to GDP ratio proof that the system works. In fact, Germany was back to pre-financial crisis economic performance just a year after the crisis. So again, if something works, and works better, than good governance requires that the government of the day take a closer look at it. That’s all I’m saying.

    • I fell sorry for you, I do. Because you think the problem is that Harper (and his supporters) just don’t understand why they are wrong.

      They understand very clearly. They don’t want to help the next generation, they don’t want to help ANYONE that isn’t in the ‘club’. “Help” is not in their vocabulary, it has been replaced with “pork for votes”.

      You are truly wasting your breath trying to teach a bunch of snakes how to walk. They don’t have legs, it’s not going to happen. The only solution is to put them back into the opposition where they can do the least damage as possible.

      We need to stop rewarding psychopaths by giving them 7 figure incomes based on how ruthlessly they run a company and use their employees as expendable liabilites. We need to stop ignoring white-collar crime and start treating it as the damaging and life-ruining problem that it is. Mandatory minimums for victimless crimes? Nothing but a way to pad the populations of Profit Prisons of the future while the large scale crimes that ruin thousands of lives go unpunished. These are the criminals who, after getting away with hurting thousands of people, turn around and use their ill-gotten funds to cheat the system and buy even more favours.

      How do we get out of a situation where organized criminals have overthrown our democracy? By putting them in the jail cell they deserve. Nothing less with change it.

      A good quote I read somewhere else: Time to get the cats out of Mouseland.

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