NDP calls for public inquiry into torture allegations

Opposition party says government may have engaged in “massive cover-up”


The NDP is calling for a public inquiry into allegations detainees handed over by Canadian soldiers to Afghan officials were tortured. The demand follows testimony by Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin before the House Afghanistan Committee, in which Colvin claimed the “standard operating procedure” at Afghan jails included the abuse of prisoners and that government officials knew about the situation and may have tried to cover it up. “There are concerns that the government was complicit in torture, in violation of  international law, while engaging in a massive cover-up that put our diplomats and soldiers on the ground at risk,” wrote Paul Dewar, NDP foreign affairs critic, on the party’s website. The Conservative government says it doesn’t know of any “proven allegations,” of prisoner abuse.

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NDP calls for public inquiry into torture allegations

  1. Assuming the Government is emphatic in a belief that torture is wrong in all cases, I doubt they'd be foolish enough to be caught endorsing torture on the sly.

    In other words, good luck proving it.

  2. When these allegations of torture occurred, the Conservatives were very early in their first mandate. The allegations arouse before, and the conservatives stated they were simply following protocol established by the previous Liberal government. I believe they took appropriate corrective measures as they should have done.

    But this doesn't stop the far left, especially the N.D.P. and the Toronto Star from turning it into a political opportunity to smear the government.. That's why some who believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression have web pages such as this


  3. There is no excuse for torture or any human rights violations. but there is also no excuse for political opportunists, to use the gauntlet of righteousness as a blunt instrument to thwart their political enemies while ignoring the grotesque growths on the faces of their so called friends.

  4. If we called a public inquiry every time the Liberals and/or the NDP were "outraged", then our deficit would balloon ten fold!

    Frankly, this is not an issue the average Canadian cares about.

  5. I am more concerned with investigations of torture and abuse of Islamic fundamentalists who engage in wife beating, decapitations and honor killings on a regular basis. Where there is free speech, there is knowledge of these crimes which are endemic and ceaseless in the Islamic world. The struggle we are engaged in is the struggle for freedom over this abuse and oppression. The intentions and actions of our soldiers are honourable and to suggest that these allegations of torture merit a public inquiry is a disgrace to the brave women and men fighting for and defending our freedom in Afghanistan. Shame on Jack Layton and the NDP. Support our soldiers and do not elect those that fight against them.

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