NDP Leader Mulcair calls on Attawapiskat chief to end her liquid-only diet


OTTAWA – NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is calling on Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence to end her liquid-only diet.

Mulcair told CTV’s Question Period he’s always concerned when someone appears to be willing to end their own life.

He says Spence ought to end her protest now following last week’s meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and First Nations leaders.

“I would sincerely call upon Chief Spence to realize that there has been a step in the right direction, to try to see if now if we can keep putting pressure on the government to follow through,” he said.

“It has been a year where nothing was done after a very formal meeting. But finally the government seems to be moving, so I think that the best thing to do would be to step back from that now.”

Spence has vowed to continue her protest until First Nations leaders can get Harper and Gov. Gen. David Johnston in the same room.

Spence says she has been consuming nothing more than fish broth and tea since Dec. 11.

The Idle-No-More protesters appeared to be regrouping for further demonstrations in the next week with only a few reports of protest activity across the country this weekend.

Protesters have blocked the main rail line between Toronto and Montreal twice in the past couple of weeks, but the country’s rail services weren’t saying much about their plans for any further such protests.

Via Rail says it’s ready for any disruptions, while Canadian Pacific says it is monitoring the situation CN Rail was not immediately available to comment.

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NDP Leader Mulcair calls on Attawapiskat chief to end her liquid-only diet

  1. How stupid are you Mulcair being fooled by this still fat phony

  2. Mulcair had 19 of his MP’s go pay tribute to that fraud Chief Spence, and now that the truth is known that the chiefs who back Idle No More are opposed to any kind of accountability to their own people, Tommy the Commie finally has something top say.

    • When Spence gets exposed for the phony she is watch Angus take the bullet not Mulcair

      • No doubt.

  3. Mulcair could stand to lose a few kilos himself.

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