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NDP looks to ditch ‘socialism’

Word expected to be purged from party constitution at upcoming convention


According to a report in the Toronto Star, the NDP is planning to refresh the language of its constitution, a move which will include the removal of the word ‘socialist’ from the document. Where the party used to call for the establishment of “democratic socialism,” and decried profits and private ownership, its new mission statement will tout “an unwavering commitment to economic and social equality.” The change is one of many that are expected to be borne out of the party’s convention in Vancouver this weekend, though it’s already being criticized by the NDP’s “socialist caucus.”

Toronto Star

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NDP looks to ditch ‘socialism’

  1. Ah, rebranding without changing the message at all. Must be politics.

    • It’s a better message. It says something.

      Fiscal conservatism, Reagan/Thatcherism, Milton Friedmanism say something too:

      ‘Greed apologetics’

  2. I hope so. Its time they showed their true colours, very very light pink. Its what a bunch of people coast to coast have been waiting for, the development of a specif anti-capitalist party seriously to the left of the NDP, i.e. whats happening in France. This election has opened the NDP’s door to making stupid mistakes like this one which will  cut off the left wing of the party, its what Jack and his handlers opportunistically think will turn a pompous turkey into a Prime Minister hahahaha. A lot of the left is not enamored with “Jack the Party Hack”.

    • And a lot of the right is not so happy with Mr Harper either. And much of the Liberal party were clearly not in love with the candidate they had either. And yet all three parties continue, in reliably unreliable ways.

      It would be an admirable intellectual victory to rehabilitate sufficiently the word “socialism” so that it can have the proper place in modern political debate it deserves, rather than serving as a maldefined boogeyman-word that sends today’s tea fanciers into a Pavlovian lather. But that doesn’t mean the left has to stay out of the game until that happens rather than hurt the feelings of those who still identify with the label while it’s unfashionable.

      The three sources of political power I can think of are Compromise, Showbiz, and Dirty Pool, and this move would use the first two to attempt to counter the third, so at least it shows some pragmatism.

      • ‘left’ and ‘right’ are empty words. We need content-words and phrases.

        • They really aren’t, though.

          • They are empty bottles people throw at one another.

  3. It doesn’t matter. ‘economic and social equality’ is/are easier to define anyway. What was ‘socialism’?

    ‘Socialism is not an ideology. It is the cry of pain.’

  4. The Dippers go New Labour, and turn into a bland, latte-liberal, business lobby and immigrant vote-chasing party–big surprise. The big difference, of course, is that Tony Blair went to church, while Jack Layton goes to rub ‘n’ tugs…

  5. Newsflash: NDP try to become the Liberals, because they hate everything the Liberals stand for. 

    Got it.

    • More of less what I was thinking, but it was an inevitable move wasn’t it?

      If they don’t move right to fill in that space, the LPC will be back in force within the election cycle.

      The simple fact is they know they got lucky in Quebec, and even the slightest push could send them crashing.

      Even if they manage to hold on, they have a huge up hill battle to ever form government.

      Removing the term won’t stop references to their fifty year history as “socialists” and Harper will beat them to death with it. We’re a center to center right country after all.

      Maybe if they had a highly skilled caucus it might help but let’s get serious eh? LOL

      • Please, Phil, we’re a centre to centre right country.  Pretty please?

  6. so the cons will adopt liberal values?

  7. NDP has joined the warmongering cabal, JL should ask Harper to absorb his faction.