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NDP MP crosses floor to Liberals

MP Lise St-Denis was elected as an NDP member May 2, but will now join the Liberal caucus in Ottawa


Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae welcomed MP Lise St-Denis, elected as an NDP candidate on May 2, to the Liberal caucus in a press conference on Tuesday, the Globe and Mail reports. In a statement Rae said “The rebuilding of the Liberal Party of Canada depends on people like Ms. St-Denis who have the courage of their convictions, and who join our fight against a Conservative government rooted in rigid and dangerous ideology.” Meanwhile, the NDP is calling for St-Denis to resign her seat: “If the Liberals think that this is what the voters of her riding want, we challenge them to run Ms. St-Denis in a by-election,” said the chair of the NDP’s Quebec caucus, MP Guy Caron. Ms. St-Denis said she hoped her constituents, who voted her in as part of the NDP’s “orange wave” in the last election, would understand her decision. “They voted for Jack Layton. Jack Layton is dead,” Ms. St-Denis said.

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NDP MP crosses floor to Liberals

  1. what a pair … the Libs as TURNCOATS ?!
    You know what You do with “them” ..
    Hang’em by …. what they don’t have !
    And She may be re-elected … look at Bobbo boy … THE GREATEST POLITICAL PHONY of our age !
    I remember when ,as a fed. candidate , in the 2000 , I was greeted with a …
    oh , You Guys with BOBBO …
    despite our disclaimers , We din’t get elected ..
    He did
    Well  as a SERVANT TO TWO MASTERS … actually  THREE , if You count all the run around He did for the Reform .. cashing in on his “glorious” rejection of the NDP ….

    But BOBBO had been a turncoat already WHILE PREMIER ….
    That’s when He ot “corrupted”  by Chretien …
    probably through his Brother , then campaign manager for Chretien ..
    Chretien cut 10-bil transfer money to On and BOOBy BOY asked …how deep…

    He started the rape of On well before Harris & Flart ….
    He almost destroyed the NDP ………….

    HE  WILL DO THE SAME WITH THE LIB PARTY and Lise baby will help Him  !
    Enjoy !

  2. No Mz St-Denis they voted for you and you betrayed them.

    I still believe this is a miscarriage of the peoples trust. This politician should have two options, either to serve out her term without pay or to be disqualified and run in a by-election within 30 days.
    She was voted in as a NDP candidate, if she refuses to honour that she should be forced to fore-go the paycheck, which was intended for the NDP candidate in that riding. If she wishes to reclaim that paycheck, she should have to earn the right through being re-elected by the riding.

    Laws here need to be corrected to reflect the representation of the people that voted.

  3. That’s like going from the Carpathia to the Titanic. Great move.