NDP rabble rousers


The left wing indie media news site www.rabble.ca held a party at the Steam Whistle brewery in Toronto to launch the redsign of their website. NDP MPs and candidates in the last election were out in force. Below is Toronto NDP candidate Marilyn Churley (left), former MP Peggy Nash (centre), who lost to Liberal Gerard Kennedy, and Montreal’s Anne Lagacé Dowson (right), a CBC radio host, who lost to former astronaut Marc Garneau.

Toronto MP Olivia Chow.

Chow with Kim Elliott, publisher of rabble.ca.

Elliott and Duncan Cameron, associate publisher of rabble.ca.

NDP Vancouver East MP Libby Davies, who is partners with rabble.ca’s Kim Elliott, is seen here with singer Lorraine Segato of Parachute Club fame.

Davis goes for the neck chop.

The silent auction at the event had a calendar donated by Davies.

Rick Mercer “stuff” (hats, shirts, and mugs) was on the auction block. William O’Connor, a 13-year-old fan from Halifax, bought it all for $140.

Loraine Segato with Anne Lagacé Dowson.

El-Farouk Khaki, the NDP candidate who faced-off against Bob Rae in Toronto Centre.

Andrew Brett, the 2006 NDP candidate for Scarborough-Rouge River.

The food included cupcakes.

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NDP rabble rousers

  1. The caption for the first photo should read “perpetual Toronto NDP candidate Marilyn Churly.”

  2. Nice pictures but I’m mad at the NDP for working to convince Canadians that carbon taxes hurt people and don’t do anything for the environment. From all the smiles on their faces, they don’t seem to care about the damage they have done by misleading people and working against the environment. Some people have no conscience.

  3. From all the smiles on their faces…

    They’re just relieved they don’t have to govern. “Phew…dodged a bullet there, didn’t we, brothers and sisters?”

  4. Ms. Chow and Mr. Brett look fantastic.

  5. Ms. Chow is looking good

  6. “Some people have no conscience.”
    “They’re just relieved they don’t have to govern. ”

    See, now this is why we can’t have nice things, like comment sections.

  7. Jeez, I was being nice.

  8. I thought you were being nice too!

  9. Me too. I believe in climate change and think we should act now. So, yes, I was being nice.

  10. A few party pics turns into a discussion about the merits of a carbon tax?
    lighten up. That election is over.

    people who put their name on the line in an election, win or lose, from any party deserve the right to have a good time without that kind of republican style sniping.

    Perhaps that’s why we can’t have good things, (see above).

  11. So, it looks like the NDP MPs were actually smiling BECAUSE they knew that they’d be having a chance to govern.

    And, no one should confuse a carbon tax with action on climate change.

  12. Great pictures. Looks like it was a fun event.

  13. Where are the “working people”.All I see is trough-feeders.

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