NDP racks up wins in two BC provincial by-elections


The B.C. New Democratic Party came up with two wins in provincial by-elections on Thursday, one of them in a riding that has never elected a left-leading representative to the legislature in Victoria.

Former Mayor of Port Moody Joe Trasolini won a decisive victory in the riding of Port Moody-Coquitlam, where he took 54 per cent of the vote. In Chilliwack-Hope, a riding where the NDP has never won, the right- and centre-right vote was split between the Liberal and Conservative candidates. The benefit went to the NDP’s Gwen O’Mahony, who took the seat with support from 41 per cent of voters.

“This is going to send a clear message, the NDP is growing,” said NDP Leader Adrian Dix on Thursday, quoted by the CBC.

B.C. Premier and Liberal leader Christy Clarke blamed her party’s by-election losses on a split in the right-leaning vote. “It’s never been clearer that only a unified free enterprise coalition can defeat the NDP,” she said in a statement, quoted by the Globe and Mail

The by-elections were widely seen as a preview of upcoming provincial elections, where the NDP serves to gain from flagging support for the Liberals. The party, which has governed for more than a decade, is also losing voters to the B.C. Conservatives, a party that was barely on the political radar until recently.

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NDP racks up wins in two BC provincial by-elections

  1. BC Premier Christy Clarke is right when she says a spit in the right leaning vote allowed the NDP to win an upset victory in Chilliwack-Hope (41% NDP, 31% Liberal, 25% Conservative). But it’s just wishful thinking on her part regarding Port Moody-Coquitlam, where the NDP picked up more of the vote than both the Liberals and Conservatives combined (54% NDP, 30% Lib, 15% Con). The Liberals had an eleven year legacy to run on, but in the end their mantra always seemed to boil down to “vote for us or, look out, you’ll get the NDP!” Maybe all the remnants of the self-destructed Social Credit party that have possessed the BC Liberals for two decades will abandon ship and go where they belong, to the Conservatives, and BC might end up with a liberal party that is, well, liberal. One can only hope.

  2. Same scene as federal politics. The right needs to unite in order to defeat the socialist party. Problem is, neither the cons nor the liberals are very conservative. Mostly mushy middle stuff.

    • You mean they don’t even keep their hoods pointy?

  3. A resounding victory by the NDP.  Regarding all the talk about splitting the right-wing vote, I have only this to say:  Merging two losers rarely creates a winner!  Congratulations to the NDP – a taste of much more to come 13 months from now!

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