NDP sizzle


The NDP party held its year-end BBQ in the courtyard of East Block. Here is leader Jack Layton.



Edmonton NDP MP Linda Duncan.



The NDP’s new media man Richard Boychuk.



Victoria NDP MP Denise Savoie.



B.C. NDP MP Bill Siksay.



Ontario NDP MP David Christopherson.



Ontario NDP MP Charlie Angus.



Winnipeg NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis.



New Brunswick NDP Yvon Godin.



NDP media man Karl Belanger.



Stephen Maher of The Chronicle Herald.



Robin MacLachlan of Summa Strategies.



NDP sizzle

  1. I love a good party as much as anyone but since the P in NDP stands for party, you're calling them the New Democratic party party. So nice you included it twice?

  2. I dont see any Domestic beer….. just imported !!!!! Way to support Canada

    • (rolls eyes)

      • And not one Canadian flag in the background.

  3. Stella Artois! How cosmopolitan! I expect the Conservative ads within the week!


    • a week….psssshaw….you got one a few comments above.

  4. Ed Stelmach works for the NDP now?

  5. What a sorry group of clowns.

    • Ya, they only managed to win seats in the House of Commons, running under the banner of a semi-popular party. Any clown could do that, right?

      • Well, isn't Stephanie Dion still a sitting MP for the Liberals? I guess any clown really can have a seat in the HoC!

        • I think if you talk to anyone who has run for most any public office, you will learn that the road to election is not for the faint of heart. It takes a dedicated group of volunteers, and a very driven person to win. Very few candidates skate into their elected seats without breaking a sweat. And yes, I recognize members from all parties in that respect – but I think it's fair to say that running for the NDP is often a tougher row to hoe.

          • It depends on where you are hoeing your road. I wouldn't want to be running for the Conservatives in Toronto or the Liberals in Calgary. But I do agree that there are probably less established strongholds for the NDP then there are for the other two National parties.

            But that fact aside, I don't think it takes any special skill to win a seat in the HoC, just look at the majority of clowns that we have to deal with.

  6. This isn't nice I know – but don't you think if they truly want to be government they'd clean up a little – what a cheap shoddy looking bunch. Perhaps they could borrow Harper's makeup lady and a fashion adviser – it sure is needed.

  7. Yup. Sweaters. Need sweaters.