NDP smooching


Jack Layton and the NDP have been holding town hall meetings ever since the election was called. Here Layton talks to a room full of supporters at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto.


Layton gives a spousal smooch to fellow MP Olivia Chow.

The Layton kids, Mike and Sarah.

Astra Crosby, daughter of NDP candidate Marilyn Churley.

Churley herself, who is running against Liberal incumbent Maria Minna in the Toronto riding of Beaches – East York.

NDP worker bee Dave Meslin.

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NDP smooching

  1. Whoa….I thought only Harper was a family man…well, golly gee

  2. Layton’s not a family man. He’s not even wearing a sweater vest!

  3. Layton’s son, Mike, awaits the day when his moustache is moved to his upper lip – signalling his initiation into manhood…

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