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NDP support tumbles in Quebec

Official opposition polling at 29 per cent in ‘la belle province’


A CROP poll released Wednesday puts support for the NDP in Quebec at 29 per cent, nearly half the 53 per cent the party enjoyed the May federal election in a poll taken last June, a month after the federal election. “They’ve lost their DNA,” says Youri Rivest, CROP’s vice-president, who believes the party lacks leadership and is generally absent from the scene. The Liberals, on the other hand, have gained nine points in Quebec since that same June poll, and sit at 19 per cent. Support for the Bloc Québécois is stagnating at only 22 per cent.

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NDP support tumbles in Quebec

  1. That leaves 30% of voters. Are they Conservatives?

  2. In the May election, the NDP won 42.9% of the vote in Quebec, not the 53% cited in this story. 

    Likewise, the Liberals won 14.2% in May, so their 19% is only a 5% increase, not the 9% claimed in the story.

    Please fact check before running a piece with completely inaccurate numbers.

  3. All of these polls mean little at this point. However, the trend for the NDP is not good. However, polls can rebound quickly once a leader is elected. I am no fan of the NDP but there is lots of time for them to get rid of Turmel and elect a new leader. What that leader does will be interesting.

  4. According to the CROP poll Tory support has increased to 24%, but we wouldn’t want that news to cloud the glorious resurgence of the Liberal party, would we now.

  5. ah, the protest voters are coming to their senses., i guess it wasn,t about Jack after all!

  6. The Jackless party will elect ashtoncullendearmulcairnashsaganashsinghtoppchisholm as their next leader and nobody will notice.Old Bob will poach more seats and  regain official opposition status for his new libdip party.