NDP will fill both of Layton's shoes–in Ottawa and Toronto–this week - Macleans.ca

NDP will fill both of Layton’s shoes–in Ottawa and Toronto–this week


As the NDP gears up for this weekend’s convention in Toronto, set to finally decide who will lead the party as well as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Ottawa, another race to replace Jack Layton is to be settled this week. Polls opened on Monday morning in the riding of Toronto-Danforth, the district Layton held since 2004. The NDP’s candidate, Craig Scott, a York University law professor, leads in most forecasts, followed by Liberal candidate Grant Gordon and Conservative Andrew Keyes.

Back to the leadership race now: Thomas Mulcair told the CBC that he will continue taking “the high road,” rejecting criticism for reportedly trying to move the NDP closer to the centre. He is the leading candidate in the NDP leadership race, with more endorsements than all of his opponents combined— all of 43 MPs support Mulcair.

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