Nearly half of Canadians want an election: poll

Survey suggests 49 per cent want to head to the polls


Nearly half of Canadians would like a federal election in 2011, a new Angus Reid/Toronto Star poll has found. Of the 1,000 Canadians surveyed online, 49 per cent said they would not mind an election next year. A majority of them, 58 per cent, are either Liberal Party or New Democratic Party supporters, whereas 43 per cent had voted for the Conservative Party in 2008. Regardless of their political leanings, though, a majority of Canadians (57 per cent) thought an election was likely in the new year, while just over two in ten (2.4 per cent) thought this was unlikely. Nearly half (48 per cent) said they thought the Conservatives would maintain their hold on power.

Angus Reid

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Nearly half of Canadians want an election: poll

  1. My Christmas wish is the end of the Harper government. So i do want an election, the sooner the better. An incorrigible man, an incompetent government, an embarrassment iinternationally, divisive and malicious demestically. Surely we can do better.Iknow we can do better.

    • Got news for you. If you really believe that a Harvard prof who yelps to hear himself speak, is the better option, then you're due for analysis. The fact of the matter is that Harper, while not a charismatic type, has steered the country with a blend of integrity, common sense and the training of a skilled economist. You're right – we can do better. Especially if Iggy and Wacko Jacko back off and let Harper do his job.

      • well……….you don't really understand the whole "You get more flies with honey than with vinegar" thing do you…….Harvard is a good school by the way and the fellow in opposition is Ignatief and Jack Layton is the leader of the NDP……………………………please spare me the name calling

      • Wait a minute… “The French” thinks Harper has integrity and is a skilled economist?! What the hell are you smoking?! Harper and the Conservatives blew millions on a fake indoor lake at the G8 summit and more millions on fixing up riding offices for Conservative MPs… not to mention spending way more then necessary on upgrades on Parliment Hill… and the Defence Minister wants billions to go to offensive military equipment for a world renowned and envied peacekeeping nation (one that even the enemy in the middle east haven’t attacked in the nearly ten year long war)!!!

        Harper is a moron with no integrity and is using tax revenue to make him look bettwer internationall, but has only suffered in embarrising the nation internationally!

  2. Why waste all that money and time to get same results?

    • I'll spot you your $10 share of the cost. ;-)

      • Good one!!! But a month+ of politicing and photo-ops? Ewwww. Sheila Fraser for PM!!!

  3. It looks like Angus Reid is either trying to force a coalition of two plus one or the poll shows a majority government..Canadians are tired of Iffy and Wacky Jacky playing politics with everything from tough crime laws to immigration.The playing special interest groups to their own advantage,Canadians will never support a coalition tha depends on the Bloc.So lets get on with it give Harper a majority and have four years of good government.

    • Alternately give him a majority and four more years of political vadalism thinly disguised as common sense.

  4. Everyone who's aware of the Canadian political scene knows that Iggo and the "Liberals" want an election. Iggo stated his electoral intentions less than a week ago to Delacourt over at the Red Star. So now it's the media's job to sell the premise that Canadians want an election too. "Liberals" and their whores in the media co-ordinating, and manipulating the narrative, to validate the "Liberal" agenda. This "Liberal" driven agenda, sold by the media as, Canadians wanting an election, will continue until there is an election. When the "Liberals" succeed in forcing an election, the media will then change the narrative to, "recent polling numbers indicate that Canadians like the idea of a "Liberal'/Separatist coalition". So very predictable.

    • Poor you…living in a liberal gulag all of your own making.

      • Well i think Trudeau lover has got it right,the liberal hacks that make up the media in this country do indeed try to spin the conversation in the liberals favor.If the liberals didn't have these friendly party hacks it would be gone in an afternoon.

        • I know,democracy is so messy; all the unecessary criticism and sniping; not to mention all those editorials backing a Harper win at the polls – life's so unfair.

  5. The funny thing is that the Liberals polled want an election, but the result may not be what they want. The same polling showed that a majority of Liberals want Iggy out as leader. The reality is that many Liberals are hoping for an election that will hasten his departure. The Tories, Dippers, and Bloc all know this problem.

    • So……the Liberals want an election and want to win but might not win, or they want an election and want to lose but might actually win.

      And the Tories actually don't want to cause an election, because if they do they might win that election, which might then cause the Liberals to trade in Ignatieff for someone more palatable to voters which would then lead to losing the election after this possible election that some people want and some people don't want.

      Have I got any of that right? :-)

      • et tu, tattoo

    • Well…I suspect the reason a great number of Liberals would like to see an election is to get what they want…rid of Iggy.

      I've said this since the fall of the Paul Marin government…the best thing for the Liberals long term survival is a Conservative majority. Gives them time to find a leader, time for people to tire of Harper, time for the government of the day to mess up, time to raise money, gives them the ability to consistently vote against the Harper government instead of supporting them, time for people to forget about ADSCAM.

      Unfortunately…I suppose like virtually all our politicians an parties these days…they're looking short term. Gimme, gimme, gimme power now!

      • I will never forget about ADSCAM.

        • The total budget for the sponsorship program was 250 million.. so if absolutely every single dollar of that went to pay off the advertising firms that did no work (hint, it didn't) that's still only a quarter of the money that Mr. Harper gave away to the American Lumber industry on the eve of our winning the last NAFTA appeal possible by the Americans.

          Perhaps your priorities need adjusting.

  6. We need more choices of Parties to vote for. I've always voted PC but now find they're not a real "Conservative" Party in my eyes. Too much in the middle for me. Give me a real Conservative Party to Vote for like the British National Party ( I wish they were here) or the Tea Party down South and then watch the fireworks.
    Want to keep Real Canadian Culture the way it was? Don't vote liberal. It's a 'new world order" for them.

    • Well, just like every other party they are all to willing to sacrifice their principles and platforms if it will gain them enough votes to win power.

      You simply can't form a government in this country if you're too far off centre. The best you can do is what all the parties do, campaign in the middle and (assuming you get a majority)…forget everything you ever promised during the election and do whatever you want.

      I'm sure this is a conscious move by politicians and parties…whether it's Reform or NDP.

    • Yes but in the absence of a party promoting true fiscal conservatism, Harper is still the only choice and one with a real shot at a majority government. I believe Harper is a true fiscal conservative at heart but in this country you have to appeal to a sizable population that has been brain washed by Trudopia in order to be a contender for a majority government. With a Majority, I think (and hope) Harpers true colors will come out.

      • Now there's a nice piece of rationalizing…Canadians who don't like Harper's party must ipso facto be brain washed Trudeophiles. Pierre has so much to answer for, even though he's been dead a decade now.

        • Pierre (fancy pants) Trudeau… not dead enough.

          • Only a complete imbecile could hate a political opponent that much…but it's your life waste it how you will.

          • fancy pants???……….good grief how old are you??

  7. My Christmas wish is a 10% federal flat tax and an end to compassionate oppression.

    • Not sure but I assume that this would put a substantial dent in federal government revenues….do you know how much of a revenue change this tax change would cause?

      Then, which expenditures would you recommend get reduced.

      Btw, not disagreeing at all with your wish, just interested to know how you would then square the circle.

      • "Then, which expenditures would you recommend get reduced"

        All of them except justice, infrastructure and national defense (in a nut shell). The government should not be making my moral decisions for me.

        Like I said:

        "an end to compassionate oppression"

        That sums it up nicely…

        • For general reference, pages 175, 176 and 180 of this document summarize the federal budget.

          Odd that this info is buried halfway through the document…i would have thought that this would be on page 2 or 3, but what do i know. Also, I'd guess that much infratructure spending falls within "Canada's cities and communities", but i wasn't able to find obvious line items for justice or national defence. In all seriousness, do you know where justice and defence fit on Page 180?

          And i'm guesstimating that cutting income taxes to 10% across the board would reduce that revenue stream from about $110B to about $45B. Does that agree with your info?

          And i am concerned that you feel oppressed.

        • What the hell is "compassionate oppression" ? I'm guessing you feel oppressed that tax money is used to provide compassionate programs for the needy?

          'Are there no prisons?"
          'Plenty of prisons,' said the gentleman, laying down the pen again.
          'And the Union workhouses.' demanded Scrooge. 'Are they still in operation?'
          'Both very busy, sir.'
          "Are there no workhouses?

          The answer to the question, "Am I my brother's keeper," is "Yes."

  8. Why, there is absolutely no one to feel good voting for. Same church, different pews, they are all the same, power-hungry suckholes, doing whatever it takes to get re-elected.

  9. In a shocking poll, voters for the opposition party revealed that they predominantly wanted an election which might see an opposition party gain power. Meanwhile, in a stunning reversal, voters for the government party say that they would prefer not to have an election and leave the party they voted for in power.

    Well I'm sure glad we have pollsters to tell us these things.

    • Spoil sport :)

  10. In yet another shocking new poll, jonatwitan Polls has found that 100 percent of Canadians are fed up with Angus Reid and their inflammatory and sensational headlines. In a recent completely random survey of himself and his family, jonatwitan has found that 4 out of 4 Canadians think this latest Angus Reid survey is ridiculous, and they are equally sick of being treated like idiots. The same survey found that 1 out of 1 Canadian dogs still prefer to focus mainly on playing fetch, even in these trying economic times.

  11. The flip side of this headline: Nearly Half of Canadians Don't Want Election

  12. Well, if the polls are right (I SAID IF!) then we'd end up with much of the same. The Liberals need a new leader, someone who can play the political game and win an election. Iggy most definitely is not it.

  13. Can you imagine a government without Tony Clement's wisdom and insight? A government where MPs don't need to go looking for John Baird's protection? A government without Jim Flaherty's ability to turn a surplus into a deficit? A governement without Stockwell Day's relentless vigilance. Unreported crimes don't report themselves.

    Feels good doesn't it.

  14. Funny how more people want an election than bothered to vote in the last one.

    • Which is why the CPC needs to be worried. Remember that in the last election, the CPC gains were almost all because traditional Liberal voters stayed home.

      • I am not sure it is the Conservative party that needs to be worried that the so called traditional Liberal voters stayed home but the Liberal party that the Liberal voters are staying home. It seems those people who identify themselves as Liberals or NDPers will never accept the legitimacy of Mr. Harper's govt. no matter how many elections he wins.

        • matter how many minority govts he presides over,while governing as if he has a majority – is that what you meant?

  15. Canadians are tired being lied to by the left. We do not want an election! Big government is going to come to an end with the erosion of self interested left wingers that want bigger government and you shut it and just pay you tax while they spend with no accountably.

  16. How is Canada’s media pro-liberal?! Have you people ever read a paper or watched the news in this Country?! They bash the Liberals constantly!!! That’s why the backward Conservatives actually believe in the myth of “western alienation”!!!

    Only Albertans blame Liberals for the Conservative crap! After 30 years with a conservative run provincial government they still think the liberals are the reason everything is mismanaged and oil revenue evaporates every year!!! Wake up conservatives, put the blame where it belongs… squarely on Harper’s head!!!

    • you have obviously never read the toronto star

    • Try to watch/listen to CBC Broadcast or Radio Canada.

  17. Are there others like me out there who have become so disenchanted with our current political parties that they are looking for other alternatives?

    I recently came across the "Canadian Action Party" on the Elections Canada website. I really like what I'm reading, especially about monetary reform.

    I feel it's time to take the levers of our economy away from the private banks and give them to the Bank of Canada, directly accountable to elected parliament. That way it would be the responsibility of elected government to monitor inflation and deflation and, if they performed poorly, Canadians could just vote them out. Right now, government has relinquished the levers of power to the private banking system. (privatization of our economy) We have a few tighter controls than the Americans, but we're not that much better.

    I fear that both the Cons and the Libs wouldn't hesitate to sell Canadian sovereignty down the river toward a world economy run by global banks. Other issues aside, this, to me, is the main issue surrounding any future election. The problem is, neither the Libs, Cons, NDP or Greens are talking monetary reform. Maybe it's just plain political suicide to stand up to the banks…I don't know. However, my ears are open to words like "monetary reform", "Canadian Sovereignty" and an economy that views people as assets, not just vehicles through which debt can be augmented.