Nearly Instant Update on Oily: Ryan Sparrow clarifies. Sort of. -

Nearly Instant Update on Oily: Ryan Sparrow clarifies. Sort of.


UPDATE (But read the whole post if you’ve not done so already, or it won’t make any sense): If Fuelcast isn’t involved in the Conservatives’ advertising campaign, why are the commercials described as “fuelcasts” on the website? Given that “fuelcast” is a registered servicemark owned by Daktronics (which co-owns, it would seem likely to perpetuate the confusion over just what gas pump network is running the ads.

In response to my email on the Fuelcast/fuelcast confusion, Conservative spokesperson Ryan Sparrow has this to say about the CanWest story, in which he reportedly told reporter Becky Rynor that the ads were purchased through, which I’ve reproduced in full so as not to commit metamisquotage:

Misquote all of our ads are bought through a media buyer

To which I replied with:

Okay, so they won’t be running on Fuelcast? What gas pump network will you be using?

His full response:

They will be running

So, anyone know of any other gas-pump media networks with beachheads in 416-905 country?


Nearly Instant Update on Oily: Ryan Sparrow clarifies. Sort of.

  1. Note that Ryan doesn’t specify who the “they” is who’ll be doing the running… Did you see that movie, There Will Be Running? Boy, I thought Daniel Day-Lewis did a fantastic job in that one.

  2. I find it fascinating, and maybe more evidence that we are inching toward the abyss, that there is a company devoted entirely to sales of advertising on gas pumps. I guess if we’re gullible enough to keep driving around and around and buying more and more gas we’ll believe anything. Like moths to the light …

  3. Last year I received some investment info on a company called Gas Pump Media that was trying to move into the Canadian market. They looked a little flaky so I’m not sure if they succeeded.

  4. Spacing Toronto with suggests today that if there are gas station pump video signs in TO, they are there without permit.

    They produce a letter from the City of Toronto recommending a change in the current law to allow the video terminals to go up without a permit, and another from Howard Moscoe calling for a public meeting to question the recommendation.

    The letter from Howard Moscoe names “GSTV” – Gas Station TV – as a potential company, but their website does not list Toronto as a market.

    Take it for what you will.

  5. When will these Con artists start to respect us average Canadians. They are always looking for some advantage in every corner except policy issues.

  6. Macleans might be guilty of trying to make us all go someplace we’re trying to avoid: the gas pump!

    Is that Sparrow Splot or Splot Sparrow?

  7. Is Ryan Sparrow the worst Communications Director ever or what?