Neil Young blasts Harper government on oilsands: ‘Integrity isn’t even on the map’


TORONTO – Canadian rock icon Neil Young launched a blistering attack on the Harper government and Alberta’s oilsands at a news conference on Sunday, saying that he was “shattered” after visiting a Fort McMurray industrial site he compared to the atomic bomb-devastated wreckage of Hiroshima, Japan.

Joined on the Massey Hall stage by representatives from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Young was especially scathing in his criticism of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “hypocritical” administration, which Young said was ignoring science to irresponsibly drive corporate profits.

“Canada is trading integrity for money,” said the environmentally engaged 68-year-old rocker. “That’s what’s happening under the current leadership in Canada, which is a very poor imitation of the George Bush administration in the United States and is lagging behind on the world stage. It’s an embarrassment to any Canadians.”

“I want my grandchildren to grow up and look up and see a blue sky and have dreams that their grandchildren are going to do great things,” he added later. “And I don’t see that today in Canada. I see a government just completely out of control.

“Money is number one. Integrity isn’t even on the map.”

Young was speaking hours before he was set to take the same stage for a concert, the proceeds of which were to be directed to the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Legal Fund. The tour, which also features Canuck jazz chanteuse Diana Krall, was set to roll through Winnipeg and Regina before wrapping in Calgary on Jan. 19.

The stage was already dressed for Young’s show: a colourfully paint-smeared piano, a half-dozen guitars arranged in a circle, a majestic organ, a wooden First Nations figure and, behind it all as a massive backdrop, a red banner reading “Honor the Treaties.”

The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation represents a community living roughly 200 kilometres downstream of current oilsands development. The group is embroiled in a legal battle to protect their traditional territory from further industrialization.

Young, who was born in Toronto before launching his storied music career in Winnipeg, was ferocious in his condemnation of what he sees as a violation of treaty rights.

“The name Canada’s based on a First Nations word. The word Ottawa’s based on a First Nations word, Ontario’s based on a First Nations word, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec — these are all First Nations words. This is where Canada came from,” said Young.

“We made a deal with these people. We are breaking our promise. We are killing these people. The blood of these people will be on modern Canada’s hands.”

Young said that “a while ago” he decided to drive his electric car from San Francisco to northern Alberta. Along the way, he stopped to meet Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam — who sat next to Young onstage on Sunday — and visit others in the community.

It was on this trip that Young also decided to see the oilsands first-hand. The visit certainly left a mark.

“(I) drove around the tarsands in my electric car viewing and experiencing this unbelievable smell and toxicity in my throat — my eyes were burning,” he recalled. “That started 25 miles away from the tarsands. When I was in Fort Mac, it got more intense. My son, who has cerebral palsy, has lung damage, (so) he was wearing a mask to keep the toxic things in the air out of his lungs and make it easy for him to have lungs after he left.”

They soon came upon a “huge industrial site.”

“It looked very big and very impressive. Extremely well-organized. A lot of people were working — hard-working people, who I respect,” Young remembered. “That was one of 50 sites. The one we saw was the cleanest one. It’s the best-looking one. It’s the poster child.

“And it’s one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.”

During the week’s concerts, Young said he planned on screening the 12-minute Greenpeace film “Petropolis,” which he said was “probably the most devastating thing you will ever see.”

“It’s the greediest, most destructive and disrespectful demonstration of just something run amok that you could ever see,” he said. “There’s no way to describe it, so I described it as Hiroshima, which was basically pretty mellow compared to what’s going on out there.

“I still stand by what I said about Fort Mac and the way it looks. Not because the houses in Fort Mac look like Hiroshima, but because Fort Mac stands for 50 sites, the name Fort Mac stands for diseases that these First Nations people are getting, pollution, everything that’s happening there.”

He soon segued into another attack on the Harper government.

“This oil is all going to China. It’s not for Canada, it’s not for the United States, it’s not ours. It belongs to the oil companies. And Canada’s government is making this happen. It’s truly a disaster to anyone with an environmental conscience.”

Jason MacDonald, a spokesman for Harper, countered that “projects are approved only when they are deemed safe for Canadians and (the) environment” and stressing that the resource sector creates “economic opportunities” and “high-wage jobs” for thousands of Canadians.

“Canada’s natural resources sector is and has always been a fundamental part of our country’s economy,” MacDonald wrote in an email to The Canadian Press.

“Even the lifestyle of a rock star relies, to some degree, on the resources developed by thousands of hard-working Canadians every day. Our government recognizes the importance of developing resources responsibly and sustainably and we will continue to ensure that Canada’s environmental laws and regluations are rigorous. We will ensure that companies abide by conditions set by independent, scientific and expert panels.”

At one point during the hour-plus media session, Young was asked what he would say if granted a private consultation with Harper. Initially he demurred, muttering that the query “blew (his) mind.”

Later, however, he said he’d be open to such a meeting.

“I don’t think I’m going to get to see him anyway, but if he does want to see me, I’m ready to go see him. I would welcome the opportunity,” said Young, noting that he invited government representatives to attend the news conference and provide their side of the story, but the invitations were declined.

Environmental activist David Suzuki, who moderated the session, pointed out that he had personally tried to meet with Harper three times but had been rebuffed on all occasions.

“Well, you got a bad reputation,” Young replied with a smirk.

Young has been politically active on other matters recently as well. On his website, he’s posted messages questioning the pollution level in Shanghai and shaming Harper for competing “with Australia’s pro-coal government for the worst climate record in the industrialized world.”

The restlessly prolific guitar wizard hasn’t released new music since issuing “Americana” and “Psychedelic Pill” within a few months of each other in 2012. In 2009, he released an album about fossil fuels called “Fork in the Road.” He was asked Sunday whether this new campaign might similarly inspire new music.

“I don’t plan it. If I write something, it’ll come to me,” said Young, clad in a tassled light brown jacket, his face shaded by a black hat. “I think it will happen, but I don’t know.”


Neil Young blasts Harper government on oilsands: ‘Integrity isn’t even on the map’

  1. I really don’t care what washed out entertainers think about environmental causes. If they cared they donate money to the needy.

    • There shouldn’t be any ‘needy’.

      • Well,Emily……
        If we shut down the oil sands, there will certainly be many more of them.

        • “Jobs only come at the expense of health”. Great attitude.

          Perhaps we should repeal all laws governing the amount of radiation X-ray techs are allowed to receive in a year. Or how much sulphuric acid nickels smelters are allowed to belch into the air. Or how much PCBs a factory can dump into Lake Superior. Think of the money saved by industry then! And how that money will somehow make it into the pockets of the poor bastards who are unfortunate enough to work there, instead of the bosses who live in gilded castles far away from the toxic environments they create.

          • gromm…
            Spoken like a true marxist from 1960.
            If you don’t understand how industry works, other than what you hear from GreenPeace or the Sierra Club…..perhaps you should just be happy you live in Canada and the welfare cheques are dependable each month.
            God forbid you should get a job and risk your health.

    • I’m sure if Mr. Young had any idea who you were he would feel the same way.

    • Washed out? With albums that consistently do well and still occasionally chart, tours that sell out, songs covered by dozens of other artists, you should dream of washing out like him, little man.

    • In response to your first sentence, I can simply echo neuroticdog’s sentiments. Mr. Young is hardly ”washed out”, he is 68 years into quite an illustrious life, respected by many, including his peers and those that came after him.

      As for your second sentence, I haven’t a doubt that, during the course of his life, Mr. Young has been enormously charitable and has provided valuable contribution to the needy in many places. As it were, among his philanthropies, why should the environment not be a cause worthy of his assistance, however (lawful) way it can be provided… The environment needs as much its protectors as it does its pillagers.

    • I would rather listen to Neil any day, than having to put up with harper and his garage band regurgitating Paul McCartney songs. you know, the guy who protests against the seal hunt.

    • A lot of them do …. keep up.

    • your words say it all…”I don’t care”…Grow a brain,

  2. What is to be done with Harper and his band of no-goods when they are turfed out of office? They are sick and twisted people and will need years and years of treatment, councilling and therapy before they can be allowed back into society. Jail or a mental institution seems to be the only answer.

    • sadly we will continue to pay them far more than their worth as they have disturbing pensions

    • Problem is: Harper and Cons don’t even know there is anything wrong with them. They believe that they are good and doing the right thing. It’s like talking to a brick wall… we just have to vote them out and vote in Mulcair.. a man of integrity and intelligence.

    • What about rehab? I’m sure a few will need it, if not for drugs or alcohol, then for their addiction to power that will lead them to do anything, including supporting a man who clearly isn’t in it for the betterment of Canada.

    • Haha I grew up in Fort McMurray and clearly remember in the 90’s Jean Chretien coming to town (a liberal! gasp) and announcing th expansion of the oilsands.

  3. There are thousands of coal power plants in China. The sun doesn’t even come out there. There is no clean water or air to breathe. This is not the case in Alberta.
    The oil industry in particular is a driving force for the Canadian economy.
    These are all facts.
    The oilsands could be improved of course. They are working on it with pumping carbon emissions into the ground etc..
    For Neil Young to be so toxic against the Canadian Government doesn’t help his cause.
    Maybe he should donate his millions to some charity in the world that could use it. Instead of taking pot shots at Canada. Go back to the US.

    • saying the air quality isn’t as bad as China is like saying we treat women better than the Taliban, it’s an absurd baseline that doesn’t justify anything

      • What I meant is our pollution is nothing like others in the world. The tarsands are minuscule compared to what the US/India/China are pumping out. btw I fought the Taliban in Afghanistan and I am qualified to say that your reference to how they treat women has nothing to do with this conversation.

        • The comparison was explained in the last clause of the single sentence comprising the post, supergenius.

          • Enjoy your life. You will never see your way politically in this country.

          • Well said brother.

      • It also happens to be quite true.
        We do have MUCH better air quality than China
        We DO treat women far better than the Taliban.
        And that causes you a problem why?

        • Again. Explained in the last portion of a post which comprised of a single sentence.

        • Really? Air downstream of the refineries north of Edmonton was found to be as toxic as China’s. I have lived in Edmonton all my life and I have noticed a significant increase in airborne particulate and have been subjected to discharges from refinery row that actually had me gasping for air. Alberta is becoming an industrial wasteland. If you have the financial means find a way out.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right. In any case, fossil fuels are not what we should be investing in. Green energy is better for the environment and for creating jobs. Other countries are doing it. So can we. People are getting sick in Ft. Mac by the way, because of the pollution of water and air. How can you argue that that is a good thing? Furthermore, if our govt has our best interests at heart, why are they ignoring the devastation being caused to the land, people and other species who live there? This govt could give two hoots about the people. It’s all about money.

      • Point taken. Remember it was not just this present Government that was all for Tarsands development.
        I agree will all you’ve said though. Green energy is the way if we are to have a future here.
        But again, what Canada is pumping out for pollution is a fraction of a percent of that of China… It is getting better here. Our emissions are going down. More coal plants are going to Nat Gas etc.
        China is the real destroyer of the planet.

        • That’s good that our emissions are down. I’d like to believe you that things are getting better. However, investing in the oil and gas industry comes with many problems for the environment. If there are oil spills, there currently is no technology available that could clean up bitumen from our waters. Furthermore, fracking is next on the list of things to come. I saw the documentary, Gasland and was very disturbed by the devastation fracking for liquid gas has caused in the US. We’re on the wrong path. If we change course we could be leaders in green energy and become a big influence globally.

          • Leadon,
            did you ever consider the impact on China’s environment, if they had access to Canadian oil and gas?
            I would expect they wouldn’t be as dependent upon the coal they currently burn up at a prodigious rate. I worked in China for a while, and I can tell you…’s atrocious in the cities. Walking the streets of Shanghai, is the equivalent to smoking two packs a day.
            You would have to be there to see it……but why listen to someone who’s been there. Ask Justin Trudeau….he thinks China has the answers.

          • I’m under the impression that China does own our Canadian oil.

        • “China is the real destroyer of the planet.”

          And we are their enablers. We send factories there to make ourselves look good while exploiting their low environmental standards and cheap labour. We send raw materials there to feed the very factories and powerplants that do the destroying. We care only about money and not about the lives we destroy in generating it.

          • gromm…something I agree with.
            Every time hyou spend a buck at Walmart…’re helping China expand their military capabilities.
            We’re shooting ourselves in the foot.
            I think we should only allow Canadian industry to move operations to other democratic nations. (We’ll pay a shitload more for everything, but I’d be willing)
            Of course…this means Canadian industry would pretty much have to stay at home……….or go out of business.
            It’s a toss up.

      • Leadon….
        I’m in Ontario…and trust me, the Green alternatives imposed by McGinty and the LIberals…isn’t helping anyone. It has however, forced hundreds of thousands of jobs to leave the province as Manufacturers pick up and head south. Also….I’ll trade you hydro bills.

    • We need money put in to developing alternative energy sources.. not tarsands or coal or natural gas, etc. As clean as possible. In the meantime, do you think that leak proof pipelines could be created? If there weren’t spills, no one would have anything about which to complain. If the environment wasn’t destroyed while developing the tar sands, no one would complain about that either. So why don’t the oil producers do that?

      • How do you heat your home or for that matter power up your computer to comment on this board?

        • I’m guessing it’s not with alternative energy sources – her comment is about the need to develop them. Or did you miss the entire point she was making?

          • I caught her meaning, but did you catch mine. We don’t have any other viable means to transport anything.

          • Yes, your comment, in which you made no mention whatsoever of “transport”, but instead talked of heat and electricity, was obviously about transport.

          • Or heat our home, is that better.

          • I can’t even begin to guess what meaning you think that collection of words and punctuation has.

      • zita…..the enviro-weenies don’t want ANY development, no matter how clean we make it. That’s the point.
        As far as they are concerned, the problem is people……there are just too many of us.

          • Thanks again, disqus.

            That should read…Cuz James R. Halifax says so..

            Do we need any other evidence?

        • That’s not the message i get from environmentalists.

          • Because you haven’t been looking deep enough.
            This one too…


            There are a lot of folks in the environmental movement who think reducing the population is the way to go. They may have a point to some extent, but they often fail to realize the most precious resource we have IS people.
            People who will discover new resources or technology to deal with an increased population.
            The links above are pretty tame compared to what some in the Green movement think is needed. But you get the idea.

          • George Monbiot isn’t an evironmentalist. Who knew.

            But that’s not the stupid assertion in question – “.the enviro-weenies don’t want ANY development, no matter how clean we make it. That’s the point.”

          • George is referred to as George “Moonbat” for a reason….
            If you read his stuff…’d know why.

          • “A row of guilt-stirring squaws and Indians stood behind him.” this quote is from the above Crisis magazine article taken from ‘A Voice for the Faithful Catholic Laity” from which you get your enviro-weenie ideas and which was written in 1990, and, based on one man’s (Erlich) opinion who had a book to sell about population explosion. You’re basing your opinion on bigots and racists.
            Your other reference states: “When challenged, environmentalists have coherent arguments to defend
            their retreat from the population debate. They insist that the pressure
            on the earth’s resources – its water, forests, soil fertility – and
            carbon emissions are all about consumption and lifestyle, not about
            sheer numbers of human beings.” HUH? this doesn’t fit into your enviro-weenie theory either. Also, this article is based only on England’s population concerns.
            Why are you asking me to read racist and religious based crap that doesn’t even support your own comments? You yourself say “some” environmentalists think this way. So, you cannot say that “a lot” think this way at the same time.
            Nowhere could I find anything credible to support your comment that “As far as they [enviro-weenies] are concerned, the problem is people……there are just too many of us.”. That’s not true.
            Just keep on reading, James, as there is much new information on environmentalists that has come to light since 1990 and better places to find it.

  4. When Young and his band tour North America, do Neil and his band mates ride bicycles to get from town to town with their instruments and sound systems strapped to their backs? I am guessing Young has hired a few rigs to move his gear around so while Young is raking in $$$ and being incredibly sanctimonious, he is polluting the planet far more than the rest of us are. And Young is a classic car collector, which are incredibly dirty.

    People who belong to environment movement are always convinced that everyone else is at fault, never think of their own actions. It is classic ‘just enough of me, far too much of everyone else’ kind of thinking.

    • I believe he’s donating all his $$$$$$ to the cause. And, his classic car is electric. When we have better, affordable, cleaner means of transportation, he and the rest of us will use that. In the meantime, why aren’t the auto companies doing something about this or are they and the oil companies in each other’s pockets?

      • And what would be a cheaper means of fuel for our motor vehicles?

        • Hamster wheels.

        • we’ll never know if those corporations and governments don’t develop alternative energies with all the money they have. Just direct the profits into RandD instead of their pockets. These people are all going to die anyway, so do something to help the world live on and not destroy it. I don’t know what cheaper means of fuel there could be, but I’d sure like to find out.

      • How does he recharge his car?

      • Yes, and Mr. Young spent over a MILLION bucks doing the conversion.
        Who has that kind of $$ kicking around.
        It’s very simple for an extremely wealthy person to preach how the rest of us need to “sacrifice” for the planet…….when such sacrifices wouldn’t evern register as a minor irritation to the wealthy do-gooders.
        (by the way….where does the electicity to re=charge this car come from? It isn’t solar or windmills in Calfornia….it’s good old fashion coal power plants, or fossil fuel that produces the “green power” Neil espouses.

  5. The oil sands point is moot.
    As with all economists,SH thinks that resources will always show up on time in response to market demand. In a closed system (earth) the most important resource is water.
    Technology can’t fix this because nothing is broken. Exponentially increasing the oil sand production = exponentially increasing water used. Circumstances WILL force the issue.
    Unsustainable practices must someday stop, ask the residents of West Virginia how valuable water is.

  6. For a guy that has been away from Canada so long, Neil seems to have a pretty good handle on the political situation. Most morally bankrupt government ever and that says a lot. No way they can be trusted as guardians of our resources or the environment.

    • Tarsands were kicked into high gear during the Chretien era. But I guess that would defeat your point!

      • How so? Tarsands have been developed for quite some time now but never to such levels with the huge push export to Asia. Chretien was not slashing science, muzzling and firing scientists, cutting ecological oversight and culling libraries full of information about ecology, fresh water and fisheries gathered for decades (information paid for with our tax dollars I might add). All the actions of the present government point toward a complete sell out to foreign interests with unrestricted development and science, the environment and anyone who stands in the way be damned.

        • Hey Ken, I guess you don’t work in the oil and gas industry. Maybe we can just get rid of fossil fuels and products altogether, but then where would you get the rubber for you bike tires?

          • Responsible development of resources, keeping refining or any value added to such resources within our borders as much as possible is what I agree with. If we were working on more sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels we would also be helping the economy as well as the ecology in the long run. Long term sustainable thinking not short term greed.

          • I totally agree with the refining of our natural resources in Canada, then sell to whom ever. I also say we should be spending way less that we are now for petroleum products.

            that being said if I was to start a protest I’d start something about the CEO of Nestle who want to have the world potable water to be considered a commodity, not a human necessity or right. Then he and the other bottling companies can sell us the water. I don’t here Neil or any other celebrity chirping about that.


          • Good point, Bob. Either you speak out about every single injustice in the world, or you just don’t say anything about anything.

          • I don’t consider the oil sands an injustice lenny.

          • Ah, you just thought it was worth informing readers of what you’d protest if you ever got around to it.

  7. Li’l steve and the Decievers have never had much integrity , his choices of Integrity Commissioner record that lack . Young rocks , steve mocks .

  8. I love all that he’s saying for the environment. Wish he’s speak up against pain and suffering of farm animals… seeing as he’s into Farm Aid. In his last book, he drove right on past a pig farm without concern other than the smell. Are you reading this, Neil?

    • I’d tell you to give your head a shake but I have to cook this steak first.

    • Zita… do realize, that if everyone suddenly stopped eating meat, all the animals you seem so concerned about will just be killed right?
      If you want to see animals die…..enact a policy that removes the need for them.

      • Where did i say everyone should stop eating meat?
        My concern is how the animals are treated during their lives and how they are slaughtered. There’s no need for pain and suffering. Would you like to live in a cage for years without being able to move…. think about it. Pain and suffering is for profit only. It’s money and greed based.
        While I’m shaking my head at your ridiculous comments, go to and watch the movie. That should explain everything to you.

        • Zita,
          Usually when someone starts talking about the “pain and suffering of farm animals” it comes from a PETA type acolyte.
          If you are only referring to how animals are treated BEFORE they are slaughtered for consumption, then we would actually be in agreement. All needless pain and suffering should be avoided if at all possible.
          Killing an animal is not always pain free…they have nerves, a brain, and can feel it if not dispatched quickly. As for penning up animals, it can not be avoided in many cases. You cannot run an egg farm, without putting your laying hens in cages…..if you let them run free, you would have eggs everywhere, and as someone who’s been involved in the egg business years ago……hens have a tendency to kill each other if given the chance.
          Farmers do not raise animals to make them suffer….they raise them for food. Suffering, is just an unfortunate by-product that must be minimized if at all possible.

  9. Way to go Neil ..its about time this foolishness is exposed to the
    as Harper deconstructs Canada from what a great country it was….Now
    if we only get Rush and maybe even Bryan Adams to join in…Harper would
    crap his pants….

  10. Yeah, a jet-setting multimillionaire owner of mansions in California, Hawaii, and Florida is lecturing ME on what is best for his ex-country. Thanks, but no thanks. #neilyoungblows

  11. Absolutely I agree with Neil Young. I am so disgusted with our government that I cannot stand to even look at them on TV – especially Harper.
    There is no need to speed up the exploitation of the tar sands – the push is just based on greed. The technology isn’t there to do it safely, or if it is, the companies are not using it. Let them fix the damage they’ve done/are doing first before expanding this destructive project.

  12. Totally agree!

  13. There are no ‘patty-cake’ answers to our energy problems. Windmills, wind doesn’t always blow & they kill the birds that fly into them. Sun doesn’t always shine for solar energy. We would die by freezing to death & starving to death without trucks to bring food to the nearest store. Think about that while u sing your songs.

  14. I absolutely agree with Neil Young! Did anyone else see “Silence of the Labs” last night on Fifth Estate? SICKENING! It is a must see!

    • To watch the Fifth Estate would mean I would have to watch CBC, now that’s sickening.

      • Try to see it some other way, worth seeing.

  15. What Neil Said !!!
    After all….who better to enact policy than a drug addled senior citizen with a penchant for singing off key in every chord?
    while we’re at it….lets ask Matt Damon or George Clooney how to fix the “israel” problem. After all……we admire and respect celebrities for their intellect and insight correct?

  16. As much as I respect Neil Young for his musical talent and his Canadian roots, the guy essentially is now nothing more than another rich American celebrity trying to impose his left wing hippie sensibilities on the rest of us. We who actually like the idea of cheap energy and a robust economy along with the jobs and the lifestyle and creature comforts that come with it.

    I’m sure that if I were independently wealthy and able to jet around the globe pontificating my political beliefs, I’d be just as blase as Neil about attacking the foundation of our modern economy and lifestyles, but I have a job to maintain, and bills to pay, and kids and grand kids who depend on the economy for their employment as well.

    Yeah, cleaning up and separating the the bitumen from the bitumen soaked dirt of the oilsands makes a bit of a short term mess, but in a generation or two after the bitumen is extracted, it’ll all go back to bush and trees, and it’ll be darned near impossible to tell that there was a oil extraction process.

    So no… the environment isn’t being “destroyed”. Here’s a challenge for the eco-activists…. show us one spot on the planet where the environment was “destroyed” by man. Not just changed a bit, but completely destroyed. And not for the moment, or a couple of years, or 10 years, but forever “destroyed”. Mother nature is pretty darned robust, and in the end will do just fine thank you very much. i keep
    hearing about how we are “destroying” the planet, but I know of no spot that was actually destroyed. Go figure.

    • Well said.

    • well, ask the people who live in the area of the tarsands and who are dying of cancer if there is no destruction going on.

      • What about the people dying of Cancer who live no where near the oil-sands?
        Clearly, you have not seen the “reclaimed” areas from oil sands development. Secondly, if you are not aware, the “open pit” style of development is a very small percentage of the resource, as most of the mining has very little impact on the surrounding areas.
        One would think the enviro folks would be glad that those greedy oil barons are “cleaning the ground” of oil….instead of complaining about it.
        Take the oil from the sand…and what’s left?

  17. I see a lot of hippies supporting this old hippie looking for a cause late in life..
    Of course they blame the Conservatives, although it was PM Chretien at that time and the Alberta Provincial Government that opened up the Ft. Mac.
    That is fine but a dose of reality for you all:
    Do you really expect the oilsands to shut down?

    • I would say you could take the Ft mac story back to Trudeau the elder or farther. The oilsands wont shutdown.

  18. Anyone Neil Youngs age should remember the lyrics “and up through the ground came a bubbling crude, the next thing you know ole Jed’s a millionaire.” I don’t pretend to think our government is not capitalist but the crude would have been there making it impossible to breathe even without oils ands development and maybe you should take a look to see who owns the oil companies. It sure as Granny isn’t all Canadian!!!

  19. Tom Wilbur needs to research before he writes. Many ‘entertainers’ do donate. And not all answers are just about asking entertainers to donate. This is a bigger problem than that.

  20. Old man look at your life, you have spewed more carbon dioxide as a result of your lifestyle than the next hundred people you mean to demonize. Electric car? So what. How many tonnes of carbon dioxide have you poured into the atmosphere from your tourbuses, flights to europe, power for your concerts etc. It was ok when it was making you richer though hey? Do us all a favor and reduce the worlds noise pollution by stopping that incessant caterwaling?

  21. Kudos to Neil Young for speaking out against the desecration which is the tarsands.

  22. its fun to read comments here. lots of ignorance. go visit fort chipewyan and then lets have a smart conversation.