Neil Young to be honoured by Grammys

Canadian rocker recognized for music and philanthropy


Canadian rocker recognized for music and philanthropy
Neil Young’s Grammy drought is over. Sort of. The Recording Academy announced today that Young, who has never won a Grammy, will be honoured as the 2010 MusiCares person of the year at next January’s ceremony. Past winners of the award, which recognizes musical and charitable excellence, include Bono, Quincy Jones and Aretha Franklin. Young’s been the driving force behind Farm Aid and the Bridge School benefit. “Neil has set a standard of artistic integrity and iconoclastic creativity for more than four decades, and his achievements have been matched by his unwavering humanitarianism,” academy president Neil Portnow said in a statement.


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Neil Young to be honoured by Grammys

  1. Next up for the "Sorry-You-Never-Won-A-Grammy-Back-In-The-Day" Grammy:

    Led Zeppelin
    The Who (except for a "lifetime acheivement")
    The Rolling Stones (won one for Voodoo Lounge, and 1 "lifetime acheivement ")
    David Bowie
    Lynyrd Skynrd
    Jimi Hendrix
    The Supremes
    The Four Tops
    The Doors
    Buddy Holly

    I feel like these ones, and the lifetime acheivement grammys appear to be some kind of music industry mea culpa for ignorance of an artist's critical successes and a preponderence on their commercial viability instead.

    I won't be watching the awards, and I'm sure Neil doesn't care he's getting one.

  2. Way to go Neil – the first song I learned with alternate tuning was the double D in Cinammon girl – Neil is highly underated guitarist and certainly deservers the award .. I really enjoy his earliest stuff just him the guitar and a harp –

  3. That he never won a grammy belies the value of the awards not Neil.

    Neil is a national treasure.