Netanyahu seeks Harper’s approval for military strike against Iran

The Israeli PM is expected to have more trouble convincing Obama than Harper


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Ottawa today and is expected to raise the issue of military action against Iran with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Netanyahu is keen on openly threatening Iran with an attack if it insists on developing its nuclear program, even as his own country’s military elite has warned him of the dire consequences an attack could have in the whole region.

Sarah Boesveld, writing for the National Post, suggests Netanyahu expects Harper to endorse his hawkish vision before heading south to meet President Barack Obama on Monday. But an analyst quoted in the article believes Harper’s show of support for his Israeli counterpart might not carry much weight:

“Clearly Netanyahu would like to put pressure on the Obama administration to support a more muscular, meaning possibly military, response to Iran’s nuclear program. He knows full well that there’s zero enthusiasm for that in the United States,” said Rex Brynen, a McGill University political science professor and Middle East analyst.

“He’s trying to create more pressure on the President and to do that I think it makes some sense to talk to Prime Minister [Stephen] Harper whom he knows is kind of his ideological soulmate on this issue and is likely to support him, just in the sense of creating momentum. Whether it has any impact on Washington I think is negligible.”

Meanwhile, Obama has his own plans for Monday’s meeting. He said this week he will try to persuade Israel to postpone any military action until after economic sanctions have taken full effect. In this excellent in-depth interview with The Atlantic, Obama goes over the arguments he will use to reassure Netanyahu that the United States “has Israel’s back.”

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Netanyahu seeks Harper’s approval for military strike against Iran

  1. This cannot be a partisan issue, yet it’s sadly become one between two Conservatives backing each others petty rhetoric. Look, it is not in Canada’s national interest to get involved or more importantly ENCOURAGE any sort violent engagements abroad in the Middle East. The Arab Spring, the Quran uprisings in Afganistan, and the crisis in Syria have all signaled to us that the entire Middle East is on the brink of mass turmoil (that’s right it could get much worse). A war with Iran would only intensify this chaos to the point where it would start having severe global consequences- ie undermine all the attempts made to steer us through the 2008 economic crisis. War is simply politics through other means, but that does not mean war is always necessary to achieve ends when a regime is deemed too difficult to deal with. This is not a time for war, but skillfully crafted diplomacy. War with Iran is neither good for Canada, our neighbour, nor Israel. A war with Iran will in the long run isolate Israel from the rest of the middle east as the passions of hatred will only intensify with another Western led war against an Islamic nation. At the same time Israel will find itself more isolated from the West, most particularly the United States, who will begin to see Israel as more of a strategic liability that is burdening their foreign policy rather thank a stable democracy that can act as a bridge for American interests in the middle east. 

    The Americans have already a made a strong stance that they do not want a war with Iran, and that an airstrike by the Israelis will inevitably be seen as an act of agression from the US and will draw the US in. Hence they have repeatedly made clear to both the Kisnet and the security establishment in Israel that an Israeli strike on Iran will put the Israeli American relationship into question. 

    Clearly the Americans, who have more of a stake in this game than we do, have a clearer idea of what the situation is and what the risks are. If Canada had any sense of logic when it came to basic International relations- it would stand firm with our closest ally the US, and not simply spute out good intended rhetoric in which Canada has capacity whatsoever to follow through with. We should not simply be passive in this whole escapade, which is what the current government is doing- We should be pushing for peace. Alas, I hate everything about the Conservatives’ foreign policy. 

  2. The United States of Canada…goes to war

  3. Harper and Netanyahu: folie à deux personified.

  4. So what if Harper approves of more war crimes and crimes against humanity, that’s old hat for him! Iran wouldn’t be doing this if Israel didn’t have 200+/- nuclear weapons…Oh, they won’t admit that to anyone so they must not exist…yah.

  5. Netanyahu is never made to answer why his own Likud Party Charter denies the right of the Palestinian state to exist and his governments failure to seriously  seek peace with Palestinians. 

  6. Iran has their nut cases and Israel commits crime on a daily bases,treating the Palestinians like dogs.
    The USA tax payers pump $$$(5)Billion into Israel each year(3Bill for weapons) all this while millions of Americans  cannot make ends meet.And what thanks do they get?None!They do get the huge Israel lobby ,threatening Americian politicans with a black list if they do not bow to Israel’s demands. By the way,Israel has hundreds of nuclear bombs  with delivery systems,thanks again to the sucker Americian taxpayers,but you don’t read about this in western papers very often.
    The biggest threat in the Middle East is Israel ,with their expanionist policies(while in occupied land)things can only become worst.
    That Iran is a nuclear threat is one big lie,even Israel’s intelligence network admits this,and also all the above information comes from Jewish writers based in Israel and who consider Israel’s politics very dangerious.   ACampbelll

  7. We need not war against Iran to intensify Middle East chaos. We need only to burn a few Qu’rans.  To keep the status-quo peace, we need to do as recommended by Islam.       Islam unifies through the power of fear.  Learn to live with it.          The West is way too divided and morally corrupt to deal with Islam except in a subordinate status.                             

  8. This comment was deleted.

    • Cavalier:  What utter nonsense.

  9. If Harper supports the war criminal Netanyahu he too should be judged by the Nuremberg laws. But don’t hold your breath, these “laws” were invented only for a defeated nation.


    What a shameful display of EVIL shown by  Netanyahu. As if the people of Iran mean nothing. Israel must be censured for having hundreds of Nuclear Weapons and prepared to use them on Iran. Harper better not support Israel in this Evil way.We all care for Israel but not when they show themselves to be what they fight against.

    • speak for your self sir .eliminate  the fundamentalist muslim threat where ever it is found!  

      •  You are a brainwashed moron.

  11. Well, I hope we gave him the O.K. I’m sure all Israelis are inspired with confidence knowing that Canada stands fully behind it, er, far behind it, ah, well, behind it if the Jewish vote in Toronto works out and that we have such a well-equipped military that we have those pesky Irianian kids on the run within a few weeks. Relax Israel, we are here — far away, from you; and Iran, and importantly and proudly, we have no plan.

  12. Cavalier is as repugnant as the Prime Minister he attacks.

  13. Harper? Weight? Who cares what Harper thinks about an attack that will have massive geopolitical consequences, not to mention kill a LOT of people. This isn’t a question of who thinks what — it’s not some bloody “policy” debate. It murder being planned on a massive scale, and I am not talking about the Iranians, who don’t have a bomb, and even if they did, could not use it.

    “Weight”? LOL, it’s not as though Canada has any moral authority left in the drawer.

    • You are surely an idiot of the socialist bent.

  14. Anyone who equates Cavalier with Prime Minister Harper is a bloody idiot.

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  16. Harper = more guts than Obama will every have

    Netanyahu = more guts than Obama will ever dream of having

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