Netanyahu testifies at inquiry on flotilla raid -

Netanyahu testifies at inquiry on flotilla raid

Says Turkey did not take Israel’s warnings seriously


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the first witness to testify at a state-appointed inquiry Monday into the Israeli military’s raid of an aid flotilla bound for Gaza, which left nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists dead. Netanyahu said Turkey had ignored warnings and appeals “at the highest level” many days before the fatal clash. “Beginning on May 14, my office held contacts with the highest levels of the Turkish government,” Netanyahu said. “Despite our continuous diplomatic efforts, ultimately the Turkish government did not prevent the attempt by the Marmara to violate the naval blockade… It appears that (Turkey) did not see in the prospect of a clash between Turkish activists and Israel something that clashed with its interests.” This has been the Prime Minister’s most explicit public comment of the diplomatic efforts that failed to avert the clash.

New York Times

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Netanyahu testifies at inquiry on flotilla raid

  1. The flotilla's attack on the Israeli boarding party and the resulting deaths was another public relations victory for 'activists', it was exactly the outcome the activists, and Turkey apparently, had hoped for.
    It is now obvious that keeping Turkey out of the civilized world was a good thing.

  2. Turkey has become increasingly Islamic….and therefore, more untrustworthy and dangerous.

    There was a reason the military carried out the occasional Coup to get rid of the danger. Unfortunately, many of those military leaders have been fired, replaced, or worse.

    Turkey… turning. Next step….kick them out of NATO.

    • "Turkey has become increasingly Islamic….and therefore, more untrustworthy and dangerous. "

      How racists is this? or at least religiously biased? Islamists I know are no different from Christains, Jews , Hindus or other religious or ethnic groups. Islamic countries are no different from other countries.

      • Do not ignore a sensible and realistic observation as racist. Turkey does head towards fundamentalism with their current leader. At the present time Islam is facing aradicalization problem. If the the moderates fail to counter those beliefs, how many more will strap bombs in the false belief of going to heaven?

  3. When this first appeared I wondered why, if the flotilla was supposed to laden with contraband and weapons, the "peaecniks" aboard didn't use them aned fight back with the deadly force as did the Israelis .Who brings sticks to a gunfight?

    • Their purpose is to provoke the Israeli military into action for propaganda war.