Never-before-seen images of 9/11 attacks -

Never-before-seen images of 9/11 attacks

Close-ups of collapsing upper floors, thick plumes of smoke


New aerial photos of the collapse of the World Trade Center have been released, reports the National Post, who hosts a web gallery of the images. The photos were originally obtained by ABC News via a Freedom of Information Act request filed with the National Institute of Standards and Technology last year. The images were part of an investigation by the NIST, and taken by an NYC Police Aviation Unit.

National Post

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Never-before-seen images of 9/11 attacks

  1. Let;s remember that most of the 09/11 bombers were in the U.S. legally thru the immigration process. If we want more terrorism and attempted terrorism, let's just keep up mass immigration policies especially here in "multicultural heaven" Canada.
    Lucky for Al-Qaeda, Canadian political correctoids like Bernie Farber, Richard Warman and the good folks at our "Human Rights" commissions are doing what they can to suppress debate about immigraiton to Canada and the obvious dangers it brings.