New birthplace for man? -

New birthplace for man?

Skulls suggest modern human may have evolved in Europe


Recent findings at an archeological dig in the country of Georgia are calling into question long-held beliefs about human evolution. Skulls uncovered at Dmanisi, south of Russia, suggest that instead of emerging from Africa, modern humans may have evolved in Europe. The 1.8-million-year-old skulls resemble those of early ancestors of Homo erectus, suggesting that our very early ancestors travelled to Europe. There, they may have evolved into Homo erectus before journeying back to Africa, where they made the transition to Homo sapiens.

New Scientist

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New birthplace for man?

  1. Marcus Garvey would be pleased.

  2. This misrepresents the original articles. The skulls were from Homo erectus. Modern humans are Homo sapiens, which evolved from Homo erectus. All available evidence points to Homo sapiens evolving in Africa even if (as suggested) Homo erectus evolved in Europe – and this is not at all certain since Homo erectus fossils are also found in Africa. It is likely that these European Homo erectus populations migrated to Europe from Africa.

  3. Plus, with the greatest amount of genetic variation being found in Africa (and the rest of the world being descended from just a few hundred people) it is quite obvious where homo sapiens evolved.

  4. Aster, it doesn't misrepresent the article. The key words are "may have…". They may have traveled to Europe and back to Africa. Or a population may have made it to Europe, and died out – leaving only homo erectus in Africa to evolve into homo sapien. They don't know yet.