New Canada-U.S. border deal

Treaty affects travel to and from the U.S.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama have reached a new border deal aiming at expediting border-crossing for people and goods. Canadians travelling south of the border should see physical improvements at road crossings, increased promotion of NEXUS passes to non-business travellers, and their luggage checked through to a connecting flight without the current re-checking before boarding connections in the United States. A key feature of the deal is the recording and sharing of travellers’ entry and exit dates between U.S. and Canadian customs, which may affect day trippers and cross-border shoppers. For businesses, the deal will raise the exemption of the NAFTA certificate of origin to $2,500, expand programs aimed at speeding up border-crossing for qualifying trusted traders and their cargo, and reduce redundant checks performed by both customs agencies at the border.


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New Canada-U.S. border deal

  1. This is so typically Canadian. All we are trying to do is get American Orders to them and the US Government thinks we are loading up unsold goods and peddling it south of the 49th. What are the Americans trying to accomplish,nothing but their security which no matter how much you spend or think you’ve made perfect terrorists have cash and in a economically depressed country any American citizen can be engaged for cash to do anything. The only terrorism they have to fear is the one that festers inside America. Americans are the center of the world for drugs, porn, corporate theft, child and female slave trading. Why do you suppose that is? It is because 300 million Americans aren”t happy flipping burgers and the easy life is more attainable via the blackmarket which they invented. So they will now find solutions by compromising their friends ie, Canada and Mexico, and they had better learn quick to solve their own swill problems.

  2. Baby steps.  Soon enough we’ll be sold out to greedy psychopaths just like the rest of the continent.  Evil really does rule.  Just quietly, and without the inyourface attitude of fairy tales.  Conservatives in Canada have never been in a better position to begin the big selloff.  Hold on to your hats kids.

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