New evidence contradicts Clement on G8 fund

NDP provides files pointing to misleading statements


Documents obtained by the NDP through freedom-of-information requests contradict statements by Treasury Board President Tony Clement before the Commons that he merely played a “coordinating role” in carving up a $50 million fund for his riding before the G8 summit last year. The evidence obtained and shared by the NDP shows that Clement’s constituency office asked municipalities to submit funding applications, going so far as to specify the kinds of projects that were wanted, such as “storefront renovations, roadwork, landscaping and general beautification.”

The Globe and Mail

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New evidence contradicts Clement on G8 fund

  1. When is parliament going to get done to discuss current bussiness that affects the future of this country, instead of treading in the past which cannot be changed?

    • I don’t recall the ReformaCons being so indifferent about the past when AdScam was uncovered. What’s so different about this scandal that the opposition should now just let it go? Seems to me they’re seeking accountability for your tax dollar.

      Besides which, this government is more intent than any in history in its determination to exact retribution (see omnibus bill on crime). Seems only fitting they should do the perp walk, too, if warranted.

      • You obviously are a Lieberal or NDP’er. Regardless, the same situation could happen with any of the parties, if they were in power. Let’s face it, people only run for politics anymore for what they can get out of it. Agree?

        • I’m not attached to any party, nor have I been for 40 years; I do have an aversion to hypocrisy and double standards in the political arena and it seems to me the Cons are steeped in both at present.

          And what’s the point of your rather cavalier generalization about the motivation of people in politics? Are you implying that all politicians are as slimy and duplicitous as Clement appears to be?

    • I trust you were saying the same thing during adscam, yes? 

      And incidentally, the current business that affects the future of this country the CPC closed debate on.

  2. This is the kind of stuff ytou want to run an election campaign on. Why oh why did the opposition jump the gun on the election?!?!

    • Because if you’ve found a government in contempt of parliament, if you keep it in power a moment longer than you absolutely have to, you yourself are in contempt as well.

      And no, it isn’t. In case you haven’t figured it out, Canadians don’t pay attention. So any kind of negative attack that involves more than two sentences or any word bigger than “Canada” is not only pointless, but actually detrimental these days.

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