New federal judges overwhelmingly white, the two exceptions being Metis -

New federal judges overwhelmingly white, the two exceptions being Metis


Ninety-eight out of 100 recently appointed federal judges are white, according to a Globe and Mail investigation. The two exceptions were Metis judges in B.C. and Alberta.

From the piece:

The lack of diversity among judges raises searching questions in a country where one in five citizens belongs to a visible minority and where many people can expect to see a bench that does not reflect them.

The opaque nature of the appointment process is equally startling. Judges with vast powers of interpretation under the Charter are still appointed behind closed doors. To obtain a glimpse of recent patterns, The Globe has used Internet searches and culled information from judicial sources and law firms where judicial appointees worked.

In related news, a candidate for Alberta’s Wildrose Party said Sunday that as a Caucasian he has an advantage over other, presumably non-white, candidates. He later apologized for the remark, saying that he “loves all of the people, all of the cultural groups.”

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New federal judges overwhelmingly white, the two exceptions being Metis

  1. Quick! Call the whaaaaaaambulance!

  2. Never mind electing this guy, hes even allowed to run?

  3. I don’t really see why the comment is all that controversial myself either.   White people generally are able to attract support from ethnic communities than ethnic candidates are able to draw support from other ethnic communities or white people.  That’s just a fact, which is one of the reasons both the federal and provincial legislatures are largely dominated by old white men.

    But he has to apologize because it is easier in our society to just yell “racist!”.   We on the right have learned to play that game too after 12 years in opposition, but democracy is poorer for it.

  4. Yadda, yadda….why are 98% of Canadian Forces white?   Why are 98% of organ donors and people giving to the blood bank white?

  5. To be fair, the pool of lawyers with 10+ years is gonna pretty white.  If there’s a systemic problem here, it’s occurring at a period before people are candidates for judgeship.

  6. So what…are you saying that because they are white they should somehow be disqualified?
    The forces of political correctness are closing in. 98% of the CAF is white, msost federal MP’s are white, so are most police and fire….what should we do? Perhaps because the majority of canadians are still white despite your best efforts this is not such a bad thing?