New head of Canadian Space Agency working on 10-year long- term space plan


OTTAWA – The new head of the Canadian Space Agency says he’s working with other government partners on a 10-year, long-term space plan.

Walt Natynczyk, who took over in August, made the comment at the annual summit of the Canadian Space Society.

It was one year ago this month that former cabinet minister David Emerson criticized the Canadian space program, saying that it’s been floundering.

Emerson also presented a report then that said the CSA’s core funding be stabilized over a 10-year period.

Natynczyk replaced Steve MacLean, who quit the CSA earlier this year.

During his term, MacLean put together a five-year space plan and made recommendations to the Harper government but no action was taken.

In a wide-ranging speech that also entertained his audience of scientists, academics and industry representatives, Natynczyk admitted they knew more about space than he did.

But the former military general said his role is to enable the success of the Canadian space community and build relationships with government departments.

Natynczyk noted that the space industry in this country represents about 8,000 people.

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New head of Canadian Space Agency working on 10-year long- term space plan

  1. Actually his job is to get us into space and keep us there.

    • You mean manned flight, or just space science? Manned flight too expensive for Canada to do alone, and USA is retrenching. Space science might make more sense: satellites, maybe inner solar system science

      • Canada was the third nation in space [1962]….we’ve had plenty of time to do our own space launches….but noooo, we’re too cheap….even though Canada is a very wealthy country

        However, we’ve been in space many times via the US and Russia and we are involved in the EU program as well. China and India have surged ahead of us as countries.

        Space robotics is something we excel at though….we’re currently on the ISS and Mars.

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