New Olympic Sport I’d Like to See


Was debating this with a colleague the other day. We can all admit that there are plenty of useless sports: Anything synchronized, anything judged, anything with BMX in the title. I’m happy to see softball disappear, but beach volleyball was a great addition.

The one sport I’d like to see them add to the Olymics? That’s easy — parkour. What do you think?

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New Olympic Sport I’d Like to See

  1. Cliff diving.

  2. That being said, parkour would haul ass.

  3. How would you award medals for Parkour? The dreaded “judging”? Counting the number of bruises after a 12 hour period?

  4. No, the parkour would be a straight race, timed.

  5. I’d be on parkour like it were a free buffet. It would be exciting, unjudged, fair, relatively telegenic, popular, and remarkably inexpensive to set up.

    Therefore, it has no chance. Good idea, though!

  6. Just checked out “parkour” on wikipedia and watched a few youtubes. I’m with you on it being an Olympic sport.

    It’s not just the athletics and creativity involved that appeals, it’s also attractive because host cities could use their new Olympic facilitiates as spectacular parkour venues. Imagine the tv around using ice cube as a parkour venue, for example.

    They could also use other locations, famous and otherwise, in the host city. And if that isn’t enough, the art/sport has low entry costs, great participation possibilities, and seems to be an international phenomenon.

    – JV

  7. If history has taught us anything, it’s that shiny gold circles and lots of money overrides philosophy every time.

  8. It would be challenging to design a pakour course that would allow for the clever tricks and flourishes of the sport to shine and still have the only winning consideration be time. There would probably have to be a set routine for the course, with some judging to be sure each move was performed properly. No score, but time penalties if they mess up.

    Ultimate fighting would be pretty easy to add to the Olympics, as they have several martial arts competitions anyway.

  9. Darts. Someone has to make the curlers look fit.

  10. The Olympics officially recognize “air sports“. That includes helicopter racing and sky diving.

    I’m just saying…

  11. On a side note – if we award medals for synchronized diving, synchronized swimming, etc. shouldn’t we be hinouring the little girl for lip-synchronized singing? Really.

  12. AC: Competition is against the parkour “philosophy.”

    So what? Yoga was not invented as a vehicle for runaway status competition amongst urban white twenty-somethings, but that’s what it has turned into.

  13. Parkour? Over Dodgeball? Beer Pong? Four Square? Jarts? Guitar Hero? Surely you jest!

  14. Roller Derby

  15. Denmark (Greenland) might be pushing for ice golf. The world ice golf champioship is in Greenland annually.

  16. Besides.. if you’re going to start adding hippie sports, ultimate should be your first choice…

  17. How about the journalist toss?

  18. Did everyone forget roshambo?

    Not sure you’d want to survive the prelimary rounds though…

    P.S. Ultimate wouldn’t work. They still don’t have refs. I watched my gf play in the nationals (without refs). It was pretty nasty.

  19. The Eliminator. Yeah, from American Gladiators.

  20. I vote for chess boxing and slamball.

  21. I vote for chess boxing and slamball.

    Since Canada has no world-class amateur boxers and no chess players better than somebody who flunked out of Russian chess school after six months, I’m not sure we should be pushing that one.

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