New poll shows Liberals catching up to Tories -

New poll shows Liberals catching up to Tories

Conservatives’ double-digit lead shrinks to 3 points


Just over 3 percentage points separate the Conservatives from the second-place Liberals according to the latest EKOS poll. Now at 31 per cent, the Conservatives have seen their 10 point lead over the Liberals (27.7 per cent) shrink considerable over the past month. Still, the news isn’t all bad for Stephen Harper and co. Support for the government has rebounded from last week’s low of 36.6 per cent—40 per cent of Canadians now believe the Conservative government is moving in the right direction. The poll had NDP support at 16.5 per cent, while the Greens finished fourth with 11.4 per cent.

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New poll shows Liberals catching up to Tories

  1. Graves has a poll and the libs are up.Harris decima had one, and the Conservatives had a 7 point lead, polls are nothing I still recall Dion polling high, and we all know what happned there!

  2. The Decima poll was more current than the Liberal poll conducted by Ekos. As stated by Shirley the Conservatives had a 7 pt. lead in the former poll.

    No one can take Ekos seriously any longer. He has been exposed as a shill for all things Liberal.

    • Right – the most accurate pollster from the last election can no longer taken seriously.

      More Con Kool-Aid for you, I see.

    • better check again on the Ekos poll as there is only a 3 pts differece

  3. Compared to the last Ekos poll the Tories gained .5 points and the Liberals gained 1.4. Neither is a statistically significant change, though one might get that impression from this blog post. I wish people would exercise far more caution in interpreting polls.

  4. Also interesting is the fact that the Tories gain 8 points if the choice is Conservative vs. NDP-Lib coalition (and that's coalition, NOT merger). How surprising that the CBC chose to omit that detail.

  5. If the corrupt Liberal party still has that much support, then they should be able to raise the $40 million dollars they stole from us and pay us back, when will the Liberal party pay for its crimes?

  6. I hope I'm right, but I think it will be some time yet before we have to deal with the "Natural Governing Party"! I will never forget that collection of clowns. And I still want to get sick when I think of that walking "Yap" Sheila Copps waddling around shooting her face off! What a joke!

  7. Is it not EKOS the poll guy for the Liberals? Is it still in business doing polls? Who keeps hiring this company, CBC and the Lib?

  8. Changing my vote to liberal.
    1) Harper attack on womens right to choose.
    2) Allowing American entertainment companies to sue Canadians over digital rights.
    3) Large waste of taxpayers money on G20 in Toronto.