New sex scandal allegations involving Italian PM surface

Second underage showgirl linked to Berlusconi


The sex-crime accusations facing the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, are mounting. Prosecutors now believe that Iris Berardi, a 19-year-old Brazilian showgirl, was underage when she went to Berlusconi’s summer villa in Sardinia in November 2009 and his palazzo near Milan a month later. Documents suggest she attended sex parties hosted by the 74-year old before her 18th birthday. Berlusconi is already accused of paying for sex with a teenage nightclub dancer known as Ruby the Heartbreaker. He is also accused of abuse of office for pressuring police to release Ruby on theft charges. These latest allegations were contained in a 227-page dossier submitted to a parliamentary committee on Wednesday by prosecutors who are investigating allegations that Berlusconi hand-picked prostitutes for wild parties. The dossier contains details about how Berlusconi and his friends were entertained by showgirls seeking career advancement.

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New sex scandal allegations involving Italian PM surface

  1. Whats the big damn deal at least he is doing his job, looking after public relations with other countrys, like Moroco / Brazil / and ?

    • So you are saying it's not a big deal that a 74 year old man has sex with underage girls ? Sorry Dave, but that is just not right…

    • It would be a big deal, Dave, if the 17-year-old was your daughter. But alas, honour killings seem to be a thing of the past in Italy.

  2. He is still better than those catholic preists who prey upon innocent kids at boarding houses and then shout and spread Lord's message on Sundays.

    • @ Farook Khan……There all the same, Perverts in positions of authority sexually abusing children….

      • Beware of generalizations! You generalize about perverts in positions of authority, True North.

        • Good point…my error, I didn't mean to generalize…

  3. Is it too late for Silvio Berlusconi to plead senile dementia, or is there still time? Maybe he should plead that it's really the bronzed and slim Barack Obama that really gives him a stiffy.

  4. The girl should give the side of her story more clearly.

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