New Year brings drop in Conservative support -

New Year brings drop in Conservative support

Tories lose ground in Ontario, Harper tied with Layton in approval rating: poll


A new survey conducted by Vision Critical and Angus Reid shows support for the Conservative government has dropped slightly to 34 percent, while Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s approval rating is now tied with Jack Layton’s at 26 per cent. The NDP, meanwhile, dropped 1 point to 17 per cent. The Liberals, now at 28 per cent, gained slightly among the 1,008 Canadian adults polled, but Michael Ignatieff, now at 12 per cent, has seen a 20-point drop in public approval. Canadians are most upset with the House of Commons, which earned a 47 per cent disapproval rate. The poll concludes that “the start of 2011 did not provide a boost to the Conservative Party, with a noticeable drop across the country and in Ontario—the key battle ground for the next federal election.” The Bloc and the Greens each gained one point and now sit at 11 and eight per cent, respectively.

Vision Critical/Angus Reid

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New Year brings drop in Conservative support

  1. Another day, another poll.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper's approval rating is now tied with Jack Layton's at 26 per cent.

    Somebody give that man the Liberal leadership!

    I'm kidding, a little.

  2. <yawn>

  3. Ouch!…On the bright side Ignatieff's ratings can only go up, right?

    • That's what they told Dion.

  4. If Layton or Ignatieff get into the PMO I will seriously think about applying for landed immigrant status in Afghanistan. Well….Layton for
    sure. Is he still living at his wife's mummies place?

    • I'll be sad to see you go, but definitely you should call me if you need help packing.

    • I can help you pack to. Maybe leave before the next election just in case.

  5. Poor Iggy – man it must suck to be a Liberal right now – l

  6. It's a race to move past that statistically insignificant 1% change in support!

  7. The thing here is that Canadians were likely expecting another shutdown of parliament. It doesn't look like that's in the cards, so it moves to the prospect of an election. In this case, we could be seeing the polls close up over the prospect.

    What is going to decide the path of the polls is gonna be the performance of the parties in the current session. The Libs get close only to fall well behind during a session. Largely this is caused by their own performance, from the unpopular leader to the backbenchers.

    If Iggy wants to prove to voters that he is serious, he should be in parliament than being on tour.

    • Parliament isn't back yet!

  8. I will be voting NDP. I'm a young voter, I intend to register and vote for the first time specifically so I can vote NDP. Good luck, Mr. Layton.

    • You know, Mr. Ignatieff just said that a vote for the NDP or the Green Party is pretty much a wasted vote, that's democracy to him!

      What do you think?

      Personally, I congratulate you for getting involved and voting, vote for whoever you wish, make your voice sound loud and clear, it is so good to see young peole involved!!

      • Well actually Ignatieff said a vote for the NDP will ensure Harper will get back in, since it splits the vote count and allows Cons to come up the middle.

        It is, however, wasted…as the NDP isn't going to form either the govt or the Official Opposition.

        • I understood clearly what he meant to say, but that's not good enough, people should be able to make their voive heard, as far as I am concerned there is no vote wasted!

    • I voted NDP my first vote also thinking he stood up for the little guy as long as they are ethnically diverse or are in a big union he does.

      but to heck with Farmers, blonds, westerners, stay at home moms, gun owners, Christians, they are not part of the just society. But the miscreants should pay taxes to build it.

      • Whaaa…?? Could you direct me to some a news article or something where the NDP party espouses rhetoric that could be perceived as "anti-farmer" or "anti-blonde"?

  9. I wonder how much of Jack's approval rating is going up due to sympathy for his health problems?

    Sounds callous, but I suspect there will be strong turn out from NDP supporters and "almost supporters" if they think this could be Jack's last kick at the can.

    Over on the Liberal side…I suspect rather than switch their votes left or right, those unhappy with Iggy will simply stay home.