New York schools restrict bake sales -

New York schools restrict bake sales

Parents protest regulations aimed at curbing obesity


New York City parents plan to stage a “bake-in” at city hall on Thursday to protest regulation that restricts student bake sales in public schools, the New York Times reports, noting that City Council is planning a public hearing on the matter later this month. School officials call it an effort to tackle obesity in a city where 40 per cent of 1.1 million schoolchildren are overweight or obese; restricting bake sales is “one part of a holistic wellness puzzle, said Eric Goldstein, chief executive of School Food and Transportation for the Department of Education. The rule says PTAs can only hold bake sales once a month or weekdays after 6 pm; otherwise, only fresh fruits, veggies and one of 27 packaged items that meet guidelines can be sold. But parents say the rules promote processed food (reduced fat Cool Ranch Doritos, for example, are included). Others say bake sales united communities and let all parents feel they were contributing, as well as being a successful fundraiser—according to one parent, weekly bake sales at a Queens school raise up to $300 each week, enough to send 11 students to Mexico on a trip last year.

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New York schools restrict bake sales

  1. New York City: always a bastion of common sense.
    I can't wait until they ban pens and pencils to prevent the risk of students poking themselves in the eye. Computers too: you never know when someone might stick their head into the motherboard.

  2. Childhood obesity is a pretty big concern and there are definitely steps that should be taken to reduce it, but this is a bit ridiculous. A cupcake every now and then does not make kids fat (and cupcakes are delicious!) If anything, put a cap on the number of items any one kid can buy so that they're not gorging themselves. Otherwise, it's just the same basics – teach proper nutrition, make sure any food the school supplies is healthy, and get the kids outside more often so the little tubbos can work off the odd sugary snack.

  3. when i was a youngster it was rare for somebody to be a fatty boom ba, now if half the kids are overweight it may become the new normal …and that may be why big people take size mediuml at costco

  4. Here, I solve this. My high school held bake sales to raise money. Said monies were used to purchase/upgrade PhysEd equipment. A good PhysEd program will certainly help stem the obesity problem. BAM!