New Yorkers brace for Hurricane Sandy

Twitter and Instagram photos of storm preparations


New Yorkers brace for Hurricane Sandy

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New York City is bracing for the Hurricane of a lifetime. 
Mayor Michael Bloomberg has issued a mandatory evacuation for hundreds of thousands of locals near Coney Island, lower Manhattan, and parts of Queens. 
Needless to say, locals have to take this state of emergency very seriously. Thanks to social media, many were there to take pictures along the way.
Menacing clouds loom over #NYC today in advance of Hurricane #Sandy. #Frankenstorm http://twitpic.com/b7zotjInga Sarda-Sorensen
THERE’S ONLY 5 HOURS LEFT!!! @BusaBusss http://pic.twitter.com/wDhlWGGFJust Blaze
President Obama on Hurricane #Sandy: "Take this very seriously": http://on.wh.gov/kPMeMP Photo @FEMA today: http://pic.twitter.com/byviJKh6The White House
#Sandy #frankenstorm MY @JenAnsbach: 11 am photos of Forked River Beach. http://lockerz.com/s/257036931 http://lockerz.com/s/257036934 http://lockerz.com/s/257036936Nicholas Huba
One block away from the evacuation zone…well tomorrow should be interesting #Sandy http://twitpic.com/b8c1zmBecca Burleigh
Atlantic City is already getting hit. #frankenstorm #Sandy http://pic.twitter.com/JNmrkmpnNicholas Huba
This was the pier at ocean grove today at 3:00 I’m guessing its almost gone by now #sandy #huricane #frankenstorm http://pic.twitter.com/RWC6rKKCm.f.
Wow: Red areas are mandatory evacuation areas. #Sandy http://pic.twitter.com/VKE7M8PlAndrew Davies
No change to the track for the 5PM #Sandy Advisory. Slightly faster after 24 hours http://pic.twitter.com/GsCLwNFaFoxCT News
Flooding already occurring in Waretown #NJ and #Sandy is still 535mi from the #JerseyShore. @News12NJ http://pic.twitter.com/1pZBvOhaDavid Curren
Mayor: All @NYCSchools are closed tomorrow. #SandyNYC Mayor’s Office
Starbucks has closed all their NYC and Long Island locations. Just think about that for a minute. #sandy #scaryConni Tucker
#freedomtower #inclementweather #frankenstormpruehyman
Cuando cierran hasta los McDonald’s, es señal de que se avecina algo fuerte #Sandy (vía @cwelchCNN desde Nueva York) http://pic.twitter.com/NQuXeSbaCNN en Español
While usually cautious on my forays into the wilderness, I was ill prepared for Sandy. Thankfully, all I experienced was sunshine and abundant moonbeams. Be safe everybody.hardcor
A boat being tossed by #waves from Hurricane #Sandy… Belmar Inlet #JerseyShore @News12NJ #unsafeboating http://pic.twitter.com/CnvaYUJeDavid Curren
The Hurricane, also dubbed “Frankenstorm”, has also led to a bit of humour.
@elvisduran @AlexCsi @coasterboyjosh Frankenstorm is coming http://pic.twitter.com/PLoPqRx0Josue
The Big S is coming! Batten down the hatches! #HurricaneSandy #FrankenstormBrian McCulloch
HEY, SANDY! We’re going to party so hard with you, YOU should be the one getting prepared.ANDREW WK
With #sandy coming into town I wonder if there will be a casino for me to visit next week @harrahsresort http://pic.twitter.com/ErdTbybnEsco
Also, the name “Sandy” drew a few laughs thanks to the Spongebob Squarepants character of the same name.
When I heard the hurricane’s name was "Sandy" the sponge bob character "Sandy" came in my mind ahaZaid Ali
Dear Spongebob, please keep Sandy under control. She’s getting out of hand. Sincerely, Everyone.Zaid Ali
“@hurricannesandy: HURRICANE SANDY CHEEKS http://pic.twitter.com/JXbFzSlM”Megan Lukas
@The_Tightlife anyways spongebob got cooked by sandy http://pic.twitter.com/dmQQX4c4Doo™
Sandy.. With a chance of snow lol http://pic.twitter.com/UXH24ylN.
can hurricane sandy make this happen http://pic.twitter.com/tkwyGbcwPapi Cholo™
Naturally, locals stocked up on supplies in preparation for the worst.
Here we go again! New Yorkers stock up on supplies as city goes into storm lockdo… #MailOnline http://bit.ly/RqAZZR http://pic.twitter.com/kRZqztUhCraig Ridd
“@FreeskierInVT: The Starbucks in Nashua, NH has a list of Hurricane #Sandy preparedness tips. http://twitpic.com/b81etu” Great tips @StarbucksUSAA
Behold the WalMart flashlight aisle! #sandy http://pic.twitter.com/ruLwxRXgHeidi Duncanson
Not even one bottle of water left at Safeway! #sandy http://pic.twitter.com/SR2rQiK1Lucy Boston
From WalMart in New Castle, DE #hurricane #sandy #sandyde http://pic.twitter.com/eeUNuvpTAndrew Ramsaran
RT @OnwardState: Shelves at the State College Wegman’s are also bare as residents prepare for Hurricane Sandy. (via @BillWadell) http://pic.twitter.com/MamZYuRVKort S
Thoughts and prayers to everyone in the east coast. Stay safe through Hurricane Sandy.Mike Tyson

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