Newfoundland Liberals gather -

Newfoundland Liberals gather


A fundraiser was held in an Ottawa Legion hall for the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. Below, Liberal MP Todd Russell (left) and Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador leader Yvonne Jones.


Newfoundlander and Liberal Senate staffer Christian Dicks.


Newfoundland Liberal MP Siobhan Coady.


Liberal MP Joe Volpe.


Liberal MP Justin Trudeau (left) with Senator Rod Zimmer.


Liberal Senator Bill Rompkey.


Newfoundland Liberals gather

  1. Hey, that's the way to show up to an official event: in need of a haircut, shave, and tie fix!

    • Also spending too much time on your lawn

  2. His tie looks like it just arrived from 1974…

  3. This party doesn't have a chance until Danny decides to call it quits all on his own (but blaming the traitorous Telegram editorial staff, no doubt. WHY DO YOU HATE OUR OIL, TELEGRAM?!?).

  4. The Newfoundland & Labrador Liberals are bonkers about pimping Siobhan Coady. Probably because she had a lock on her seat, then the pesky NDP go and almost ruin it with their "popularity amongst the electorate". She almost lost her seat, so she needs as much traction as possible for the next election.

    And don't get me started on my personal experience with Yvonne Jones. Most discourteous & pandering politician I've ever met – and I've met Gilles Duceppe (Another funny factoid: His English was probably better, too)!

    • how did she "almost lose her seat"? She is a first term MP isn't she? Facts eh? so pesky.

    • What's the matter with Yvonne Jones' English?

      Can't be any worse than listening to Danny Williams and his strings of "wellyaknow" and John Turner style throat-clearing.

      • Danny Williams English is getting better on a go-forward basis.

    • I don't think she ever had a lock on her seat, it's a very competitive riding. Hard to predict how it will go in the next election, but she is a very competent MP.

  5. Fundraising is the one file Joe Volpe has down pat.