Newly-obtained documents suggest cabinet picked G8 projects -

Newly-obtained documents suggest cabinet picked G8 projects

Baird and Flaherty were reportedly issuing “direct approvals”


Documents obtained by the Toronto Star suggest cabinet ministers had discretionary power to approve G8-related projects in Huntsville. An email exchange involving Vern Freedlander, a media consultant hired by Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty, and Environment Minister Peter Kent implies cabinet ministers John Baird and Jim Flaherty were intimately involved in the decision-making process. “Peter tells me that right now MPs are being asked to provide infrastructure projects to cabinet for direct approvals by Baird and Flaherty,” Freedlander wrote to Doughty and two other senior officials in Huntsville. “They earlier shovels get in the ground the better.” A spokesperson for Kent denied the conversation ever took place, while Flaherty’s office insisted the finance minister “was not part of the process.” Baird’s office said it considers the controversial dossier closed.

Toronto Star

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Newly-obtained documents suggest cabinet picked G8 projects

    • I’ve been encountering that a lot lately in these articles. Someone at Macleans needs to work on their coding skills.

  1. Give it a rest already NDP!! Talk about beating a dead horse….

    • Oops, accidentally hit the “like” button.

      I take it you support that deMockracy thingy as espoused by the PMO..

    • The NDP would have to go a long way yet before they matched the Cons’ endless bleating about Ad Scam.

  2. Evidently Baird wasn’t just running cover for the hapless Clement, he was involved in the whole charade. We know that Clement was responsible for approximately 50 million, any estimated for Baird and the others? This makes Adscam seem like a pinochle game.

  3. Knowing what we know about Gazebo Tony and friends, we probably should pay close attention to the funding procedures used for the various upcoming 1812 commemoration activities.  There are going to be a lot of promises made to a lot of mayors in a lot of ridings that have legitimate claims of historical importance in that war.  Given the short time between now and 2012, projects will have to be fast-tracked, and that leaves many things open to people like Clement and various less honest lobbyists (I know, superfluous).  They can probably already smell the money available.

  4. Criminals, all of them.

  5. Controversy? By all means close the file! Nothing to see here! Move along!

    Is this government hiding something… Oh ya what about other governments! See!

    What a bunch of sheep…