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‘News of the World’ to shut down

Scandal-plagued British tabloid announces end of operations after more than 150 years


News of the World, the British tabloid newspaper that has been published since 1843, will publish its last issue on July 10. The paper, owned since 1969 by Rupert Murdoch, recently became embroiled in a major scandal when it was revealed that its reporters were illegally tapping people’s phones in order to get stories, and possibly tampering with or deleting evidence in the case of a missing woman who turned out to have been murdered. Facing increased calls for investigations into the paper and how widely the phone-tapping practices were known in the Newscorp company, Murdoch’s son James announced today that they must “take further decisive action with respect to the paper” by shutting it down. The revenue for the final issues “will go to good causes.”

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‘News of the World’ to shut down

  1. Thankfully the cozy relationship between right-wing tabloids with dubious journalistic standards and right-wing politicians is a trend limited to Britain…

    • Ha!  Not bloody likely!

    • Let’s free Assange, and get Murdoch and Lord Black, and Xinhua, and Putin’s ‘Russia Today’ all before Old Bailey and try them for assassination of the truth.
      Forgot the National Post. Get ’em all.

      • Assange hasn’t written anything….he publishes docs sent to him

  2. A fitting end for a major muckraker.

    • not a muckraker. That’s investigative journalism.
      Murdoch is a muck-maker.

      • Good point!

  3. The question now becomes, are Rupert Murdoch’s other media properties (in the United States for example) using similar practices?

    • An inescapable corollary, I’d say.

  4. Seize his hardrives, his ISP’s server racks, trace his IP’s, his 4chan records, everything.

    100 years for hacking into journalism.