Newsmakers 2013: Who gets your vote? -

Newsmakers 2013: Who gets your vote?

Share your picks for our upcoming look at the year’s top newsmakers


2013 was the year a tweeting astronaut captivated millions and a Canadian won the Nobel prize. It was a year of Senate and crack-video scandals. Who should the Maclean’s top Newsmakers be?

We’ll soon be releasing the eighth edition of the Maclean’s Newsmakers issue, a look at 2013’s winners and losers, leaders and liars, rivals and rogues: in a nutshell, the year’s most unforgettable people. As part of our coverage, we want your feedback: who rose from the headlines to capture your attention?

Send us your top choice — and, if it’s not self-evident, your reason why. You can tweet it with the hashtag #Macnewsmakers, email us at, or share it in the comments below.

For inspiration, check out our gallery of past Newsmaker issues, starting in 2006:

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Newsmakers 2013: Who gets your vote?

  1. @MacleansMag @TOMayorFord is definitely the Newsmaker of the Year 2013 #RobFord

  2. Chris Hadfield.

  3. Chris Hadfield.

  4. The year is longer than the past month or two and our nation is bigger than on city. Early on, Theresa Spence and the Idle No More movement were big national newsmakers. One cannot deny that Justin Trudeau was a huge national newsmaker this year, all year. And the Senate Three — Brazeau, Duffy, Wallin. And Alice Munro — a Pulitzer prize for innovating the old genre of short stories is pretty darn newsworthy. And Ford, sadly I cannot say Ford wasn’t a headline generator. Sigh.

    • I would love to say Hadfield, but lets face it he is grounded. Trudeau has generated attention, faux outrage and admiration but not so much news. Theresa Spence seems to have been a one-time event, although perhaps Idle No More can morph into something transformative. Munroe would be a nice choice, but she wouldn’t sell many issues for Macleans.

      I think you really have to consider momentum here… there is still over a month left this year. Duffy, Wallin and perhaps even Brazeau seemed to have peaked early. There is a slim chance of a comeback; they will have to truly outdo themselves. Answer the question below and the unfortunate choice is clear.

      Q: Of all the above suggestions (mine & others), which one is most likely to make international headlines next week?

  5. I would like to nominate our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. He has masterfully guided Canada’s economy: low unemployment, continual AAA ratings, steady economic growth. He has successfully negotiated the Canada-European Union Trade agreement, and is tackling the reform of the Senate.
    Besides that, he is a nice person, polite, and loves his family.