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Well, this is interesting. Senator Jerry Grafstein, Raymond Heard and Beryl Wajsman want to buy some of what the Aspers are (reluctantly) selling. To wit: Grafstein, Heard and Wajsman (‘Grafstein heard a wiseman.’ The jokes, they write themselves!) are heading up a consortium to buy the Montreal Gazette, the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post. (The short of the long: the Gaz and the Citizen make money; the Post doesn’t.) The Toronto Star has a bit here. So does the Canadian Press, though with two boo-boos in the last line. (The Suburban is actually Quebec’s largest English weekly, and Wajsman hasn’t  hosted a show since 940 AM went all-music in 2008.)

Details on money, partners, etc. to come. And they say print is dead…

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  1. I'm a little surprised the Gazette and Citizen make money while the Post doesn't.

    Anyway, it makes sense to me that they don't need to sell all the Canwest papers as a whole.

  2. It's pie in the sky dreaming. The debt holder isn't going to carve it up until all the assaying and nickels have been counted. If they believe the whole kittenkaboodle is worth $1-billion (just for eg) I doubt they'd begin breaking it up unless they could guarantee they wouldn't be left holding the bag of the lesser pieces (ok, i guess that's the napo)… in other words, Scotiabank is going to do this like the banks dealt with all those bad mortgages. Force some big dumb chump to take them all. Now if they could only get the aspers the money to buy it…