Next up in the Globe: Larry Gowan on senate reform -

Next up in the Globe: Larry Gowan on senate reform


Oh, good lord.

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Next up in the Globe: Larry Gowan on senate reform

  1. Considering the parade of lunatics who've already been given their say on the census in the papers, I fail to see why this guy is where you're drawing the line on who is qualified to comment on it.

  2. LOL and everybody gets innta da act!

  3. Um, he says he's doesn't think he's filled out a census??

    • He's a touring musician. He probably hasn't had the same address long enough to be enumerated, let alone get a census form mailed to him.

  4. I adore Hawksley Workman and would appreciate his opinion on pretty much anything.

    Why not?

    BTW: what DOES Larry Gowan think about Senate reform?! Also do his moonlight desires still haunt him?

    • Well if a criminal mind is all he still has we don't want him filling out the census!

      • Yeah, you're right: he always was a strange animal!

        • Well, even with all the bad press on the censis, I hear The Good Catches Up…

          I just hope he Styx to his guns on this subject.

  5. And again, when you throw out the experts' opinion, what else is there?

    • Stevo's mom? LOL

  6. Let's hear the Nickelback interview on the census too, then. Or even better we could have a debate between Hawksley and Chad.

    • Let's hear the Nickelback interview…

      No, let's not.

      • indeed, please let's not.

  7. Oh god, now I (don't, but kinda do) want to hear what Celine, Anne, Bryan, Shania and Justin all have to say 'bout it.

  8. We're far too star-struck in this country! It makes us, collectively, look very provincial. I happen to appreciate Hawksley's work, man, but what he thinks about anything other than music is sort of irrelevant to me, unless it's actually PART of his music, as in lyrics.

    Oh…and celebrity punditry really epitomizes the worst of "elitism"; expertise in one area "should" not imply any special knowledge in another.

  9. OMG! Did Aaron actually miss one?

  10. I'd actually prefer to read Hawksley's political opinions in the Globe than Jane Viper's — his are more informed.

  11. *singing*: "You're a strange animal…Jason Kenney!"

  12. Personally I thought Workman made a heck of a lot more sense that Clement has. And besides, we've asked everyone else what they think, including "regular Canadians" so why not someone who also makes his living on popularity? LOL

    His main points were quite succinct really:

    "…It would seem essential to get a good, clear picture, especially in a country like Canada that is so spread out and diverse, to take the temperature now and again. I think it is rather crucial to good decision-making…"

    "…The census is a picture of actuality. You take that away and we can be sold any number of faux truths without any way to corroborate…"

    "…I don't believe the government doesn't want to infringe on our civil rights or threaten us with jail because it seems those are two of the things they want to do the most…"

    • your thoughts sounds like statist whining.

      That's the thing when gub'mint is all a person has. It eats them whole.