NHL players win right to single rooms, some Canucks miss old roommates


One concession that NHL players won in their new agreement is the right to single rooms on the road. Long-established roommates in the Vancouver Canucks are having to adjust to the single life. Inseparable twins Daniel and Henrik Sedin will sleep apart for the first time since joining the league in 2000. While they’re enjoying the break, “We might go back [rooming together] next year,” Daniel told the Vancouver Sun.

The change also disrupted the routine of long-time roomies Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Kesler. Bieksa, the first up, always had Kesler’s breakfast ordered and waiting at the restaurant table. “We had a great routine going there,” Bieksa said. “He got oatmeal with a side of berries.”

Alex Burrows regrets losing his human alarm clock, Mason Raymond, who saved him from missing many a bus.

But no one likely misses rooming with winger Chris Higgins, who’s been known to sleepwalk. As a New York Ranger, he freaked out first-time roomie Marc Staal when he went for a stroll. “One night—I never roomed with him again,” said Higgins.

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