NHL season unlikey, says Hockey Night in Canada host Don Cherry


Don Cherry has called it: there is little hope of an NHL season this year.

“If I’m betting, I’d say no,” said Cherry during an interview with CBC Toronto radio host Matt Galloway about Hockey Night in Canada‘s 60th anniversary.

“If this goes after January 1, we might have it gone for the whole season,” Cherry said.

But, fans shouldn’t blame NHL commissioner Gary Bettman for the lockout, Cherry said. Instead, he placed the blame squarely on the backs of the owners.

“They had a vote at the start and 30 owners said ‘yes, lockout,’ it wasn’t Bettman,” Cherry said.

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NHL season unlikey, says Hockey Night in Canada host Don Cherry

  1. Cherry making sense…. It seems the end of the world really is near….

  2. The NHL is not hockey. It’s a weird franchising business that gouges its best customers so that it can support a bunch of billionaire owners in sunbelt cities who can’t make a profit from their ego toys.

    Time they figured out that while they’ve doubled prices in real hockey towns in the past five years, we’ve all been sucking it up under a massive recession. We’re sick and tired of the greed. The NHL can go right down then tubes, and the sooner the better.

    • It’s funny that Bettman justified the last lockout by saying “we are doing this to keep the price of seats low for the fans….”
      What a crock.

  3. With the ticket prices keep rising and rising, It is not affordable to go to NHL game. The last time I went to a game was 6 years ago and will never be buying an another ticket. The NHL owners (bloodsuckers) wants more and more…….I say it is time to quit the NHL and start all over from $10/$20/$30 a game, otherwise let Gary pack the entire NHL and take it to the south and see how American economy can afford this ridiculously unaffordable game. I hope Gary Bettman and his henchmen are listening!!!

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