NHL to review fighting, Shanahan says

Head-shot crackdown may expand


Hockey’s top disciplinarian says the NHL will look at fighting as part of a larger review of head injuries in the game. In an interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, former player Brendan Shanahan said no decisions have been made “but there’s no way we would ever deny that it’s not something we’re looking at closely.” Despite the double negative, it appears clear that Shanahan is serious about cracking down on blows to the head and other dangerous hits. Under his guidance, the NHL has already handed down seven suspensions for dangerous play this preseason.

CBC News


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NHL to review fighting, Shanahan says

  1. Violence in hockey will either kill the NHL or turn it into a “sport.?’ like mixed martial arts. I know I have given up on it and no longer watch it.
    News coverage of the Stanley Cup playoffs show what a disgraceful and barbaric game professional hockey has become.

  2. why are they focusing in on fighting….they should turn  their heads and look at all the CHEAP shots to the head from a elbow from behind like the one that put Cosby out of commission 

  3. What? Outlaw fighting? And finally enter the 21st century? Not very likely, on Bettman’s watch. I’ve barely watched NHL hockey since the lockout. In spite of all their bragging about putting an end to clutching and grabbing, it’s little more than roller derby. If they ever get rid of the one-dimensional goons, I might pay attention again.

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