NHLer arrested over 20 cents

Chicago Blackhawk Paul Kane allegedly punched a cabbie and took back the money he owed him


At 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, young NHL star Paul Kane, 20, and a relative, allegedly assaulted a Buffalo cab driver who couldn’t provide them with the 20 cents change required from $15 on a $13.80 fare. The taxi driver claims the men punched him in the face, broke his glasses and then stole the fare they owed him. Kane, a Buffalo native, and his companion, racked up a slew of charges including robbery, criminal mischief and theft of services.

Buffalo News

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NHLer arrested over 20 cents

  1. His name is Patrick Kane, not Paul.

  2. No matter what his name he is a poor excuse for a human being , treating people like that . They should throw him in a pit with a bunch of cab drivers and let them teach him a lesson .

  3. Ha sucker cabbie. I'm glad someone punched him in the face. I get so pissed when cabbies say "I have no change". YOU BETTER HAVE CHANGE or this is going to happen to you !!! lol.

    • cheapskate

  4. Roid rage anyone?