Nip and tuck biz is booming in China

Many are going under the knife to improve their chance of landing a job


Even as the recession forces plastic surgeons in America to put down their scalpels for lack of business, the nip and tuck industry is booming in China. Young women in particular are going under the knife to better their odds in the job market. In some Chinese hospitals, business up 40 per cent from a year ago and half of all patients say their surgeries are job related. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, during the Olympic opening ceremonies last year Chinese officials kept the real seven-year-old singer of a patriotic song hidden away while a prettier little girl was put on stage to lip sync.

Los Angeles Times

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Nip and tuck biz is booming in China

  1. China is flush with cash, They have not been raised to be charitable to others so they spend it on themselves. They have tons of gold on them as well as was the custom before the communist takeover. Time for China to discover aid orgs to the worlds poor.

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